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  1. SMVintage

    Nice 3 Box Gypsy Queen Break!

    I REALLY like this stuff this year and will probably do the set (trying to figure out to what extent) The Austin is a No-name Variation #'d/35, Cobb is a missing Black Plate Variation Not much else notable, besides these 2.... Benny is a missing Black Plate Variation Thanks for the look!
  2. SMVintage

    Large, Inventoried Heritage Lot FS

    Looking to sell all of my extra Heritage Commons (#'s 1-400) to someone who could use them- would be great for a set builder, shop or a SportLots Seller. I have pulled all of the Rookies, but the lot still includes many multiples of the All-Star Cards (including KB and the Fish). There are...
  3. SMVintage

    2017 Heritage Set Needs / Tradelist - Updated 3/21

    FOR SALE ONLY- People are mixing up Chromes and Refractors, so I am getting screwed with Trades (multiples). Please pm with interest. NEEDS: SPs: 404*, 418*, 424*, 500 Rookie/Target Game Cards (Red Back): 7*, 10*, 13, 14, 15* 3D Boxloaders: AR, NS Chrome Refractors (#’d /568 (or 569 for...
  4. SMVintage

    Anyone want to Trade? Autos and Relics FT! Image Heavy!

    Figured I would start a trade thread as I will have a little free time the next couple of weeks. I am looking for Gary Sanchez, Mike Trout*, Schwarber, KB, Derek Jeter, Heritage, Hall of Famers and wouldn't mind checking out trade sites/other threads! Will also add another batch of cards or 2...
  5. SMVintage

    WTTF- Gary Sanchez and Hall of Fame Relics

    Title says it all. I am looking for a limited amount of Base Cards of Gary Sanchez- mostly looking for inserts, color, and variations. Looking for anything low-high end for Hall of Fame Relics (please provide scans). Trade Site is Here: SMVintage.com
  6. SMVintage

    Snow Day Trades?!

    Bored- Looking to swap, would love to add some new card to the collection! I like Heritage and Hall of Famers, but not limited to those! I also have tons from 2015 Topps Update, 2016 Topps All Series, Update, Snowflakes, Etc.- Let me know your needs! Please note: My Trade Page is completely...
  7. SMVintage

    WTTF Archives Snapshots Base

    Looking to complete a set, would love to finish it!- looking for some easy trades! Needs: Bob Boone, Bryce Harper, Brian Johnson, BJ Surhoff, Corey Seager, Hector Olivera, Jon Gray, Luis Severino, Ryan Klesko Haves: Aaron Nola*, AJ Pollock**, Chipper Jones**, Curt Schilling*, Carl...
  8. SMVintage

    Correa Rookies FT

    Hey all- Trading these for my wants (see my site or other threads). 2013 Bowman Paper x 3 2013 Bowman Chrome x 1 2014 Bowman Chrome x 1 2014 Future of the Franchise x 1 2015 Bowman Paper x 1 2015 Bowman Chrome x 1 2015 Bowman Chrome RC x 3 2015 Bowman Mini Tall Boy x 1 2015 Bowman’s Best...
  9. SMVintage

    Help me finish 2016 Heritage and Topps Stadium Club!

    Hey All- I am trying to complete both of these "master" sets. I have additional traders on my site at SMVintage.com. *= Pending Trade WANTS 2016 Heritage Base/SPs: Only 2 Remain! 469 & 477 235*, 426*, 430*, 431*, 438*, 442*, 443*, 449*, 452*, 454*, 466*, 469, 473*, 477, 487*, 489*, 494*...
  10. SMVintage

    Fun Day at the Childhood Shop

    So I'm visiting my parents at my childhood home and wanted to share my pickups from my childhood shop- I got a great price on the 2 vintage (and they are pretty well-loved) and also opened roughly 7 packs. Here are the vintage pickups: Results from a pack of 2010 Bowman Chrome and 3 of...
  11. SMVintage

    3 Boxes of 2016 Stadium Club

    Hey all- Caught the bug and opened three boxes. It was fun, I feel like it was way more loaded with inserts this year (they're cool though!). Everything FT/FS unless noted (the Gold is VVVVHTG Trade wise, but I'm still willing). Unpictured Hits: Ortiz Beam Team Gold (NFT); Lindor RC ERROR...
  12. SMVintage

    Updated Trade Site = Looking to Trade!

    Finally got around to finalizing my trade site and I'm looking to make some deals. I am currently looking for Baseball Hall of Famers, Topps Heritage, and Various pre-70 vintage Stars, Hall of Famers, and Yankees. Also like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Derek Jeter, and Paul Goldschmidt. 7.1.16...
  13. SMVintage

    WTTF 2016 Heritage Base, SPs, Action, Color Swap, Errors plus Wantlist

    Hey all- I am so close to finishing a few sets, but 2016 Heritage is the Priority! I also have 2016 Bowman and hits from all the products below FT- you can check those out HERE (or through the link in my signature). Please let me know what you have, any base you need (have a good bit from all...
  14. SMVintage

    2015 Bowman Chrome Needs/Haves

    Broke a few boxes of these and they had HORRIBLE correlation. Looking to complete the Prospects Set Only. Below are my needs/haves. I also have leftovers from other breaks but my lists that have been posted may not be up to date (This one is though). Need (BCP###): 153, 154, 157, 159, 161, 163...
  15. SMVintage

    WTTF 2010 & 2011 Mike Trouts

    Title says it all, on the lookout for a stack of decent-condition RCs! The Photobucket has all Items I have FT (the inserts/rookie link cards are available, but not updated- I have TONS more), I also have a few Bryant Topps Chrome RCs and 2015 Bowman Chrome and Paper I could part with! Thanks...
  16. SMVintage

    2015 Topps Chrome FT

    Stopped by the Shop today to grab some supplies and picked up three more packs, and snagged 2 more Autos- Jake Lamb and a Blue Refractor Syndergaard (both of which I am holding onto ATM). Below are my cards from my multiple breaks FT. I'm looking for My 2015 TC Needs, Trouts, Jeters, Hits to my...
  17. SMVintage

    2015 Chrome- 1 Jumbo, 2 Reg., 1 Jumbo Pack

    Broke some Topps Chrome this afternoon. Got a Ton of Refractors, a few Prisms, but limited other color. Here are the Hits: Still debating on what I am doing with the Bryant Auto- Can't believe this wasn't live! Will probablypost a trade thread soon regarding these, may try to shoot for...
  18. SMVintage

    WTTF Ginter Minis -- Have Autos, Other Ginters, GU, ETC

    Hey All- I'm shooting for a "mixed" 2015 mini set, so looking for one card of each of the Ginter minis (NNOs, Flags, Reg, Etc.). Also going for the insert sets! My Needs are here (I need whatever is NOT highlighted)...