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  1. jonprelude

    Deadliest Catch: Phil Harris's Titan Chopper on ebay. SWEET!

    Don't know how many of you guys are into Deadliest Catch, but I was looking for Sig Hansen Ginter Auto redemptions which are extremely impossible to find and only one has been listed without an ending. But as I was looking for Phil Harris autos I found this. Which was mentioned on this past...
  2. jonprelude

    Fix your addresses! Paypal/Bench

    I've only come back to collecting over the past few weeks and have already come across this twice already. Make sure your addresses are the same in paypal as they are in your "Bench" trade info. I've already had to send a deal twice because the address in the buyers paypal was not the address...
  3. jonprelude

    The "One" card in your collection that you would "NEVER" get rid of?

    The "One" card in your collection that you would "NEVER" get rid of? What is the one card in your collection that you would never get rid of? Why would you never get rid of this card? For me personally it is my 1974 Topps Mike Schmidt. I got this card about 30 years ago. This card was...