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  1. daniml292

    Sign Up Threads - 2011 Absolute Memorabilia FOOTBALL

    I would even be willing to do two spots if help is needed filling up later on. Dan
  2. daniml292

    What CASE break would you like?

    I had a blast with last year's heroes break, I'd be in for another spot. Either product works for me, but leaning more towards the football. Dan
  3. daniml292

    2008 UD Heroes DRAFT

    I'm in for the Orioles. Thanks! pm on its' way to next in line.
  4. daniml292

    08 Heroes case break discussion thread

    It's my understanding the team lots include parallels and base cards of that team.
  5. daniml292

    The Passing of a Great Member

    I didn't know Randy too well, but I do know he was an intricate part of this Bench Family. You will be missed Randy. RIP. I found this Tribute page, thought I'd share with you all as well: http://www.tributes.com/show/James--Martin-91090156
  6. daniml292

    08 Heroes case break discussion thread

    HAHAHA Seriously laughed out loud after reading that one. It's going to be real interesting to see how people pick in the 2nd round. May even be more entertaining and suspenseful than the 1st round. Dan
  7. daniml292

    2008 UD Heroes DRAFT

    I'll select the Jon Lester GU/Auto 22/50 Many thanks for putting this together. Looking forward to future breaks. Dan
  8. daniml292

    New on the becnh. Happy to make trades

    Welcome to The Bench! Happy Trading, Dan
  9. daniml292

    Case Break 08 UD Heroes

    Oh without a doubt, that'd be painful...:eek: At least it's only a click of a button to determine final resting place. :D
  10. daniml292

    Case Break 08 UD Heroes

    I'm with the Random.Org. Quick and relatively painless. :-)
  11. daniml292

    BGS Graded Cards FT

    I'd be interested in the Brady if still available. My Football GU/Autos are here: http://www.thebenchtrading.com/thebench/showthread.php?t=354629 Let me know if anything interests you, gladly trade in your favor. Thanks, Dan
  12. daniml292

    Card Help!

    I believe this is the card you're looking for: 2010 Bowman Platinum Prospect Autographs #MS Miguel Sano I'm pretty sure the "base" prospect autographs say refractor on the back and are not serial #'d. Dan
  13. daniml292

    Case Break 08 UD Heroes

    sounds like fun. I'll take a spot. Thanks!
  14. daniml292

    looking for best source for Ozzie Smith card collection

    I think your best bet would be to utilize Beckett.Com's Online Price Guide. You don't have to subscribe to be able to at least get a very detailed list of Ozzie Smith cards. Hope it helps. Dan
  15. daniml292

    Question about a card on the bay

    Yep I agree that's the card. Took a look at the Beckett OPG and they have a pictured example of the 2006 Bowman Sterling Damon auto and it looks the same. Many thanks!
  16. daniml292

    Looking for a couple more teams for a Yahoo H2H prize league

    Sounds good to me. I'd be happy to take a spot. Let me know if you need any information from me. Dan
  17. daniml292

    Looking for a couple more teams for a Yahoo H2H prize league

    I'd be interested in hearing more details. Is it a live draft? Dan
  18. daniml292

    Question about a card on the bay

    Hi All, Does any one have any information about this card? Bowman Heritage Damon Auto I can't find any reference to it in the Beckett OPG. Can't find any Bowman Heritage Damon Autos at all. Too Good to be true? Possible buy back in another set? A fake? Would love to hear other...
  19. daniml292

    New to The Bench

    Welcome Aboard!
  20. daniml292

    Printing Plates and condition

    Yep, I agree with you. They are in it to make money after all. A little part of me HOPES that these companies are true to their word, but there will always be doubt.