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  1. schmidtfan

    2020 Topps Update Base WTTF--complete!

    Got my needs taken care of. I have these base available FT if you need them Have these dupes. Will also be happy to trade recent insert dupes if you need. 35,37,61,85,124,138,172,174,176,219,225,236,283 PM is best.
  2. schmidtfan

    Mixed Condition Vintage Stars and High Numbers FT

    Hi all, I have the following stars and high number vintage available for Trade for my other vintage needs (1956-1972). My needs are listed here: http://samstradingpost.com/trader/schmidtfanneeds.aspx I strongly prefer to trade these cards for stars or high numbers; e.g. I don't want to trade...
  3. schmidtfan

    Home Run Challenge (unscratched) for trade -- Betts, Rizzo, JD Martinez

    Hey--if anyone's looking for HRC 3 (Martinez), 5 (Betts) or 9 (Rizzo), I have unscratched ones to trade PWE. Looking for any of these. Will trade 2:1 if it's one of the big names. Thanks! 2,11,13,14,15,19,21,22,23,25,26,27,29
  4. schmidtfan

    55 Dupes in a hobby box!

    Just coming here to complain to sympathetic ears. I bought 1 hobby box online and when I broke it was very disappointed to find 55 dupes. I got 243 of the 350 cards in the set. Have never had more than a few dupes in a hobby box before. I did get a relic and a manufactured relic, so I guess...
  5. schmidtfan

    2020 Topps Series 2 Base WTT/WTTF

    So, I picked up a hobby box on ebay and finally got to cracking and sorting it with my kids. I'm very annoyed that there were 55 doubles in the box... I'm seeing others having problems with collation too. Also picked up a couple packs at Target, trying to hit my needs, and those were almost...
  6. schmidtfan

    2017 Topps Gold For Trade

    Hi folks, I have these 2017 Series 1, 2, and Update For Trade Would like other gold cards if possible, or hits on my vintage want list https://samstradingpost.com/trader/schmidtfanneeds.aspx Would also take 2019-2020 inserts if I need them (I don't have an insert want list posted right now...
  7. schmidtfan

    Looking for Vintage Baseball 1956-1972; lots of lower condition vintage FT

    Hi trading friends I've finally taken the quarantine time to update my vintage need and trade list. It's here: https://samstradingpost.com/trader/schmidtfanneeds.aspx I am looking for Vintage cards from 1956-1972, with priorities of 1963, 1964, 1969, 1971, and 1972. For a lot of years, I...
  8. schmidtfan

    Miscut cards in 2020 Topps Hobby Box

    Card experts, I started breaking my 2020 Series 1 Hobby Box and was disturbed to find about 10 badly miscut cards, including the Aquino RC, and an Arenado, Verlander and Rizzo. Does anybody know if I can complain to Topps about this and get replacement cards or something? Or do I just have to...
  9. schmidtfan

    WTTF Topps 1956-1972, any condition

    Hi everyone! Trying to see if I can knock off a few more vintage needs. I'm getting pretty close on my top three priorities 63,70, and 71. I've listed them below , but all my needs are on my page: https://samstradingpost.com/trader/schmidtfanneeds.aspx I will take ANY condition as long as...
  10. schmidtfan

    Best Baseball Player of all time at each position?

    The discussion of Ted Simmons' HOF election got me thinking--who's the best player at each position in history? Here's my list. If enough people join in, I'll compile this and report back C: Bench 1B: Gehrig 2B: tough one, I'll go with Morgan 3B: Schmidt SS: Wagner RF: Ruth CF: Mays LF...
  11. schmidtfan

    Pink Vlad

    Just pulled from a 2019 Update Retail Box: Vlad Jr. RC #1, Pink 18/50. Best Retail pull I've ever had! (trying to show it off, but I can't figure out how to load a pic).
  12. schmidtfan

    2019 Topps Update Base (and a couple inserts) trading

    So instead of buying a hobby box this season, I bought 6 hanger retail hanger packs. Got a really good hit which I'll post somewhere else, but had a ton of misses and dupes too. I think I'm probably completing the set now thanks to you all (especially HoosierBuddy and DavidK). Thanks all!
  13. schmidtfan

    Vintage Needs 1960-72; willing to take lower condition

    Hi all, I've been working too much lately to trade, but I'm looking to work on some of my vintage sets now that things have settled down a bit. Here are my needs. I am willing to take any condition for these. I have a lot of vintage for trade, but most of them aren't in great condition...
  14. schmidtfan

    WTT/WTTF Topps Series 2 Base

    So i cracked my one hobby box and with the reduced pack size and bad collation, I still ended up with about 50 needs. So i figured I'd run to target and get a hanger box to hopefully get some of them. But my bad luck continued and I didn't get a single base card I needed. So, now I have a lot...
  15. schmidtfan

    Trick to save on shipping

    Hi all, Just discovered a way to save on shipping large numbers of cards, and I thought I'd share. I usually use the automatic kiosk to save time. Today, I wanted to send out a 400 count box, and it weighed a little over a pound. The only option the kiosk gave me was sending it out priority...
  16. schmidtfan

    Heritage Hanger Box--bad box?

    This is the opposite of a nice pull, thought this might still be the place to post. Looking for comparison data. I'm not a big heritage collector, but I usually pick up a hanger box or two from Target. Just bought a $9.99 box from Target. Only non-base I got was 1 Short Print (Kemp) and 1...
  17. schmidtfan

    2019 Topps Series 1 Base WTT/WTTF

    Hi all. Completed this set but pm me if you need any 2019 series 1 base
  18. schmidtfan

    New complete want list (and partial trade list)

    Hi folks, used some of the pre-holiday down time to pull together a master want list of my needs, and update a trade list. I'm looking for the following: Vintage (of any condition) from 1958-1972 Some Topps Base Series Inserts, 2010-2018 Selected Topps Update Base (05,07,09,11,12) Phillies...
  19. schmidtfan

    Advice on a trade gone wrong-ish

    Hi folks, Could use some advice here. I worked out a trade with someone on a different site. The centerpiece of what I was getting was a high-value (about $50) early 70s HOF card which he described as being in NM. I guess I should have asked him for a scan, because now that I've received it...
  20. schmidtfan

    2018 Series 2 Inserts WTT/WTTF

    Getting closer on my 2018 Series 2 Inserts Needs. I have a lot of good cards for trade as well. Would like to either make big trades or 4 card PWEs. Also have a lot of Series 1 FT as well, and tons of base. Just ask... PM is preferred. Needed: 83 All Stars 83AS-27 83 Rookies...