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  1. mrnag

    Back after 2yrs, looking for Yankees GU

    Hi All, It's been quite a while since I was active here on the Bench, my wants seemed to dry up. But I'm back to see what I can shake out :) I'm looking for Yankees GU of players NOT on the following list. Player should be pictured and listed as a Yankee and any uni swatch should be Yankees...
  2. mrnag

    Baseball/sports movie

    I know this has been done a million times, but I find myself sitting here watching "The Rookie" with Dennis Quaid as Jimmy Morris and smiling .... a lot. I have seen most of the baseball movies and read lots of books (including the one that goes with this movie) and this one just makes me...
  3. mrnag

    Question for Mods

    Hi Folks, I made a trade a with a member her back in July. I sent my cards and received the cards he sent to me. He was suspended (presumably) as our cards were in transit. He is still suspended and has never marked the trade as completed. My question is: How long should I wait before...