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  1. benlee66

    20,000+ Inserts/Parallels FT

    I just updated my site a little and have completed a few trades since coming back. Anybody else need anything? If you have stuff from my wantlist, LMK. I have a lot more cards than what's listed on my site. Thanks, Ben
  2. benlee66

    Looking to get back into trading, 1000's of inserts/parallels FT w/new stuff

    I'm looking to get back into trading. My website is not quite up-to-date, but most cards are still there. I've also got some newer stuff. If interested in a certain team, please post it and I'll list them. I like Braves, refractors, A&G minis, lots of different stuff. Thanks, Ben...
  3. benlee66

    Looking to make some trades, 1000's of inserts/parallels FT

    duplicate post, please remove
  4. benlee66

    WTTF Topps Rookies of these semi-stars

    Looking for RCs of these guys. Don't really need Bowman or Panini products. Check my trade page or LMK what you are looking for. Trevor Bauer Shane Bieber Xander Bogaerts Alex Bregman Matt Chapman Mike Foltynewicz Kyle Freeland Mitch Haniger Craig Kimbrel Aaron Nola Victor Robles Andrelton...
  5. benlee66

    19,000 inserts/parallels listed on my site, looking for trades

    Check my site or tell me which teams/players you like and I'll post what I've got. I collect all kinds of stuff so please have a tradelist or give me some idea what you can offer. I love minis, but will take many other things. Thanks, Ben
  6. benlee66

    WTTF Bobby Cox

    Looking for Bobby Cox insert and parallel cards, especially #'d, refractors, inserts, minis & GU/Autos. Don't need any base or Tiffany except his RC year or really oddball stuff like Dubuque stadium issued. Willing to do PWE for small trades. Check my site. Thanks, Ben
  7. benlee66

    My new trading website with extensive tradelists is up

    Check out my new site. RCs, Inserts/Parallels, Autos, Game Used, Vintage, Baseball, Football, Basketball. The link is in my sig. Lots of stuff available for trade. If you don't have anything on my wantlist, tell me what you do have and we can try to work something out. Thanks, Ben
  8. benlee66

    WTTF Andrelton Simmons, Kimbrel, Jason Heyward RCs/Inserts/Parallels in Braves Uni

    Looking for RCs, inserts, and parallels (especially BV $4 or more). Please post what you have. I have a huge collection to trade from. Thanks, Ben Thanks to all the replies so far. I'm not too interested in base RCs of Heyward or Simmons since I already have so many.
  9. benlee66

    My Allen & Ginter wants, lots of easy hits

    Lots of easy hits here. Open to PWE trades if necessary. LMK what you got. Thanks! 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini Team Orange 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini Extinct Creatures 1,2,3,4 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini Creatures of Legend, Myth & Terror...
  10. benlee66

    Topps Gold #'d (2002-2014) FT, 100's listed

    I have too many Topps Golds. Willing to trade them for stuff like A&G minis, Topps/Bowman retro/reprint style inserts, or anything that catches my eye. Will gladly look over tradelists or websites. 2002 Topps Traded Gold 14 Colon, Bartolo $3.00 Expos 2002 2002 Topps Traded Gold 17...
  11. benlee66

    WTTF 2014 A&G Little Lions+ 2015 A&G Ferocious Felines

    WTTF Little Lions and Ferocious Felines. Please post what you have. I have thousands of minis to offer, and tons of other stuff. Also willing to buy for the right price. Thanks! Ben
  12. benlee66

    WTTF 2017 Topps '87 Chrome inserts and refractors

    WTTF 2017 Topps Chrome '87 style inserts and any refractor parallel. Somewhat interested in the base '87 Topps inserts. Post what you have or PM me. I don't have any newer stuff but have lots from 2012-1990. Name your player or team and i can post my inventory.
  13. benlee66

    WTTF 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's - Little Lions and similar type cards

    I'm just getting back into trading after a few year break. Anybody have any of these 2014 A&G Little Lions cat inserts? Will take any including multiples, and also interested in similar animal/mini/oddball type cards. My site is not up-to-date and i have no cards from 2013-2018. I can post...
  14. benlee66

    WTT Barry Larkin, looking for Larkin collector

    I found a good sized stack of Barry Larkin cards i had pulled but can't remember for who. If you collect Barry Larkin, please pm me. Thanks, Ben
  15. benlee66

    looking for these players/teams/years, por favor!

    2013 topps archives 32 boggs, 204 hough, 226 bowa 2004 topps atff: 59 hrabosky 2001 topps traded 146 bowa 2001 topps archives 372 bowa, 380 hrabosky, 288 hrabosky 1996 topps 187 cordova (rc cup) 1996 topps chrome 57 cordova (rc cup) 1993 Pinnacle 302 Delino Deshields/Malcolm X, 478...
  16. benlee66

    COMC's policy for items listed incorrectly

    What is COMC's official policy on buying a card that's listed incorrectly? Once the transaction is done, it's done, and the seller that listed it is out of luck. That's what I came away with from the terms of service. I bought some cards that I found listed incorrectly and COMC locked them...
  17. benlee66

    Any Beckett fans? I wonder how long my post will last on their facebook.

    My math may be off, but it's close: https://www.facebook.com/beckettmediallc/posts/1114000578626445 Can I go day-to-day, or buy individual days of the OPG so that I can use the organize feature I spent countless hours adding my inventory before it was changed, for a better user experience of...
  18. benlee66

    fishing for Shane Bazzell cards

    Anyone have any Shane Bazzell cards? He was an A's prospect in a lot of 2003 sets. I'm willing to buy or trade. The rarer the better.
  19. benlee66

    20,000+ base cards from '07-'11 need a good home

    i am seriously considering throwing these in the river as a performance art project. i'm in atlanta, so any deal would involve you picking them up and living near atlanta. it could be up to 40,000+ (mainly Topps base). 98.5% of the stars have been pulled, but then a bunch put back in (think...
  20. benlee66

    saw Matt Capps at work today!!!

    Matt Capps came into the grocery store I work at. It's in Alpharetta, GA. I had no idea it was him until one of the cashiers said she heard his wife mention something about playing for Minnesota. He's an inch or two taller than me, but twice as thick. I didn't recognize his face immediately...