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  1. ChillTown

    1998 Greg Maddux 24K Team Gold 385/1000

    1998 Maddux 24K Team Gold 385/1000 Looking to trade for a PSA10 , PSA9 or BGS 9.5 card in return that would sell for something in the range of $40-$50 on ebay. -I'm putting away about 50 graded cards for my son for when he graduates highschool. My mother was recently cleaning out the attic and...
  2. ChillTown

    85 card lot, 47 top-loaded, includes a Mahomes /99 from 2018

    $79 paypal DLVD Shipped Priority Box (lower 48 US). 47 baged in Top loaders as pictured. The other 37 cards stacked loose in an ultra pro plastic holder.. Mahomes stays in the one touch Thanks for looking
  3. ChillTown

    Buying Bo Bichette Topps 2020 base

    Offering 3.00 per Bo Bichette basecard. Prefer "lots" of 3+card's I will pay shipping. Let me know how many you have.. PayPal preferred will also trade for the Bo Base Only looking for base, not inserts or 1985. Thanks for looking
  4. ChillTown

    FS: 85 card lot (47 Top Loaded) Ready to ship out! Auto/#'d/Jersey's

    *Click Picture to enlarge *reply in the thread for priority, I will PM you. *$108 DLVD PayPal Only OR *will Trade entire lot for Acuna Jr. card(s) of similar value Shipped Priority Box (lower 48 US). 47 baged in Top loaders as pictured. The other 37 cards stacked loose in an ultra pro plastic...
  5. ChillTown

    WTF Ignas Brazdeikis (Knicks)

    Looking for Prizm lots of Iggy (Base/silver/color) Let me know what teams/player etc
  6. ChillTown

    2020 Topps.. 2 Hangers vs 4 Fat Packs

    **UPDATED 1 more hanger & 2 blasters Click picture to enlarge AA was in fatpack, Murphy was in Hanger . SP Yordon was in Hanger
  7. ChillTown

    WTF Sekou Doumbouya (any and all)

    Base, #'d, whatever you have.. LMK who you are looking for in return. Thanks
  8. ChillTown

    2019-2020 NBA Prizm Base Set

    Set completeld.. Also Interested in Rookies of sekou doumbouya, Garland, & Herro
  9. ChillTown

    2018 Topps Holiday Metallics

    If you have any of the Metallics from this set, I'd love to work out a trade. Also will trade for any of the Jersey/bat cards as well Thanks need the following #'s in Metallic: 14,43,86,90,100,101,140,145 ,149,151,156,160,183
  10. ChillTown

    2 Zion for trade

    Two Zion Williamson Contenders Draft picks Basketball for trade.. Looking for Similar priced Ronald Acuna picture: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-dQCDNeD0E2Iz2PrdxrUOG6wfGAD1Tfd/view?usp=drivesdk
  11. ChillTown

    (7) 2018 Holiday Mega (10) 2018 Series 2 Fat Packs (3) 2018 High # Fat Packs

    Went Acuna Chasing. Was very happy with the Metallic SnowFlake Acuna! But only 1 base :( . Plenty of Torres, Ohtani and Deavers tho. Also, Didn't hit an auto at all, but those are pretty though to hit. The series 2 was pretty much a dud as a whole. Yadier Molina Jersey, Dallas K. SP, and a...
  12. ChillTown

    My Soto for your Acuna? Photo included

    Hi all, still trying to add to our Acuna collection. Here is a photo link to all my Remaining Juan Soto for trade. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1--P-Ooy1Z8wVxhIQNeFed6Ewra-MnBhJ/view?usp=drivesdk I prefer to use recent ebay comparative sales vs BV when trading. Thanks, Chris
  13. ChillTown

    looking for these guys... Buying or trading

    Former Ole Miss Standouts.. Chad Kelly (2017 Broncos RC - auto's or #) D.K. Metcalf or AJ Brown have plenty of football or baseball to trade.
  14. ChillTown

    More Mega Boxes with a Sweet Retail Hit !

    opened another 8 boxes. Completed a mojo 100 card set (just sold on ebay).. Working on another set. 4 Autos! : Julio Pablo Martinez, Green Keegan Thompson /99 and base auto of Nova (on ebay).. And this little SP Variation Gem ! Still 38 cards short of another set.. So if you have any...
  15. ChillTown

    GOLD 1/1 Acuna Jr 2019 Gypsy Queen Poster (will trade)

    I am listing a purchase I made from topps that they will not accept returns on. It is a Poster version 1/1 . I would pull down the listing if you have a Trade offer worth close to $100 value from Ebay Sales (not interested in BV). Please keep it to less than 10 cards if you have an offer...
  16. ChillTown

    11 Bowman Mega Boxes

    I have now pretty much stopped looking for this stuff. I bought 12 boxes in total (5 online, 6 in stores). I put 1 away and have opened 11 over the course of 2 weeks. I am Making the Mojo Set, so if you have any from my list of needs, i would love to trade for them. HIGHLIGHTS from the 11...
  17. ChillTown

    EBAY: 30 Card MLB lot : 1 Player per team, might be a steal?

    I made this lot, and there might be some nice Value in it.. Check it out.. If anyone from the bench wins, just ebay message me and I will throw in some decent extra's from any team or player that you collect (that I have available) Thanks for looking...
  18. ChillTown

    Will Trade for your dupe's of Acuna RC's

    Things have settled back down for me. So I am looking to make a few trades. Looking for Acuna Jr. Rookie's, however will take any year. (I do not need anymore of his 2019 Series 1 base cards or Donruss Base cards) Still looking for 2018 cards from Bowman Chrome, Optic, Donruss baseball...
  19. ChillTown

    2019 NFL Draft Prospects Wants

    Former Ole Miss Rebels in the 2019 DRAFT CLASS.. Looking for ANY cards from these 4 players you may have pulled: A.J. Brown D.K. Metcalf DaMarkus Lodge Jordan Ta'amu Have plenty of football to trade, let me know what you like
  20. ChillTown

    18-19 Rookie Card Lot for Trade or Sale

    Before I put the lot on Ebay next week, these are up for trade or sale https://photos.app.goo.gl/z46628xppimJqGm36 Will trade Lot for Acuna Jr. card(s) or Sale.. Just PM me an offer DLVD.. or post any trade thoughts.. The Emergent Bamba and SGA are Silvers as is Okobo. Brunson and Kostas are...