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  1. Parep2014

    85 Bears Contest!

    Maybe denis gentry
  2. Parep2014

    85 Bears Contest!

    Wilber Marshall
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  5. Parep2014

    Looking for autos *Christian Laettner*

    2019-20 Panini Encased Endorsements Autograph similar ,,,,other players in these sets,,,,2020-21 Panini Nba Hoops Hot Signatures Players in that era early mid 90s or so 2013 Fleer Ultra Fresh Ink Autograph Card
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  8. Parep2014

    2018 panini playoff

    Just looked sorry no go
  9. Parep2014

    2018 panini playoff

    Anyone needs a couple 2018 Panini playoffs I have a stack I could go through if needed thank you
  10. Parep2014

    Still fingureing out

    Yeah definitely thanks a lot I really appreciate it
  11. Parep2014

    Still fingureing out

    Just like looking at other people's stuff post in my stuff and sometimes the post all run together and I get confused it's not anyone else's part just mine but some people are really prickish sure about it. This is the first time I've ever been on a trading site so far is really cool and just...
  12. Parep2014

    Still fingureing out

    Not trying to be rude I'm still trying to figure this out so if I don't get right back in touch or ask a lot of questions I'm still figuring it out sorry in advance because there have been a couple people that have been really rude and not welcoming at all instead of trying to help they just...
  13. Parep2014

    95 Topps MB

    Yeah if you want to send me that list that would be great I still really don't know how all this works I'm having some problems just looking at stuff so if you want to send me your list or tell me how to do it that would be great sorry for the inconvenience I'll figure it out one day I hope LOLOLOL
  14. Parep2014

    Proset power

    I'm sorry I still really don't know how to get around here I really don't know how to look at your stuff for anybody's for that matter I've been having a lot of problems figuring this out LOLOLOL
  15. Parep2014

    95 Topps MB

    Ill definitely take a Iook👍
  16. Parep2014


    Thank you I'll take a look at it now greatly appreciate it I've only been in 2 total so far on Facebook and it's pretty cool lot of fun
  17. Parep2014


    Can someone tell me when the next box break is I'd really like to join if it's not too much thanks in advance
  18. Parep2014

    Crazy grading

    Did anyone ever see this grading
  19. Parep2014


    Just went through that list that you gave me only thing I'm mad I would really want that I don't have is the Rodman but I really don't think I want to get rid of those two for that but I'm here let me know what's up they are all good cards though I have the Shacks graded and just normal other...