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  1. Brandon75

    Best wife award!

    A couple of months ago my wife cleared out a bunch of stuff from our closet and came across my old Raider cards that I collected. I have been out of cards for about 20 yrs. Just now getting back into them. So I am way behind on my Raider collection. I went through them and found that my Howie...
  2. Brandon75

    Baseball card help

    I collect football cards and decided to also collect some baseball. My wife bought a 2020 topps series 1 & 2 factory set for me. These are the 5 cards and the jersey card that came with it. My question is are these worth anything or any in the set itself? I will be keeping the set just not sure...
  3. Brandon75

    New here.

    Hello all. My name is Brandon I own a reptile education business. I work with all kinds of different species. I collected cards many years ago and decided to get back into with my son. Born and raised a Raider fan and collect Raider cards with a focus on Howie Long. Not sure where I went wrong...