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    Who was your favorite baseball player you ever saw play in person?

    I saw Foster play for the Mets. It was so depressing. Every time he came up in a clutch situation, he struck out. The guy got booed out of Queens. No coincidence, as soon as they got rid of him, the team got good. Strawberry took his place. Man, was he something else those first couple of years.
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    Looking for 1997 SP Authentic Jason Taylor RC

    I'm also doing the 58 AS subset and the fb hof - 3 star cards and a Friend away from the former. I'm not as rigorous as you on the hof, doing only RCs is an expensive proposition. Can't help you on the Taylor. Peace.
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    '55 Topps AA FB wanted and for trade

    Don't know why, but people seem to go to PM when sending images, so I have done likewise.
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    Who was your favorite baseball player you ever saw play in person?

    Greg Maddux pitching for the Cubs against LA before he was on anyone's radar screen. So impressive how he hid the ball and tricked the hitters. Yaz hitting a walkoff HR at Fenway. Dwight Gooden at Shea in '85, the year he blew everyone away.
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    Football needs

    If you're still looking for 91 SC, I have 117, 266, 290, 369, 456, 458, 494, all flawless nm+
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    '55 Topps AA FB wanted and for trade

    Hi Gord, Sorry to take so long - I found the 2 cards - the 59 Bunning is nm o/c, a very nice card. The 57 Grim I would say is ex+ at least. I'll send you photos.
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    Proset power

    I collect vintage cards - mostly pre-70, exmt min. Got anything in that range for trade? I may have doubles on early Dolphins.
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    Proset power

    I do - I organized them last week - some of them have autographs - but there are some that are clean. I'll try to get back into the box and inventory.
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    Aaron Rodgers 2005 Topps RC Value (And other "hot" cards)

    That seems reasonable. What I'm bothered by for the last almost 30 years - and the reason I don't collect modern - is even if the card companies are not individually overproducing, there is such a proliferation of different companies and sub-releases that a given player ends up having 20 or more...
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    Sports Illustrated

    So recap - there are 5 that you want - '68 Preview (Brock), '68 WS (Cards), '69 WS (B Robby), '70 Preview (Mets), '70 WS (O's). No to the '68 Rookies (Bench)?
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    Sports Illustrated

    This is the SI '68 Brock. Also found '70 BB Preview, '70 WS, and '68 Baseball Rookies with Bench
  12. 3-11-68 15a.jpeg

    3-11-68 15a.jpeg

  13. 10-19-70 12a.jpeg

    10-19-70 12a.jpeg

  14. 4-13-70 14.jpeg

    4-13-70 14.jpeg

  15. 4-15-68 5a.jpeg

    4-15-68 5a.jpeg

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    Aaron Rodgers 2005 Topps RC Value (And other "hot" cards)

    Not to change the subject, but I see you're collecting vintage. I'm 4 commons away from completing 69-70 Hockey set. I may have some 67-68 Hockey and some 68 Baseball.
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    WTTF HOF Base/Inserts List Included

    If rooster's gonna send you all those, it might make more sense to get the Lindstrom from him in the same batch...
  18. 91 conlon lindstrom.jpeg

    91 conlon lindstrom.jpeg

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    WTTF HOF Base/Inserts List Included

    Yeah, you're probably right. I already have about 2/3 of it from back then when I used to buy packs for fun. Needless to say, presuming you are not going to buy the set and still want the Lindstrom for your admirable and enviable project, I can send it to you.