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  1. Huntington487

    Giving It Away At this Point

    Does anyone live near Fort Wayne, IN?? I have too much to give to Goodwill and would love to find good homes for thousands upon thousands of cards. It has been depressing to even pull stuff out to list that I simply want to move it at this point. You are welcome to take what you want if you...
  2. Huntington487

    LIQUIDATION SALE - Pay the Postage/PayPal 2,000 Baseball Cards $15 shipped

    Some boxes are set builders, others are team collectors, others are stars and minor stars...all of them are available. I basically have 2 weeks to move everything on line or it goes to Goodwill. I have another thread where I am listing my better cards, but these cards have everything else...
  3. Huntington487

    Liquidation sale - move it here or move it to goodwill

    My wife has given me the ultimatum. My cards collection must go... all 200,000 cards. I am posting here to simply move the cards to a good home. I would like to make a buck here and there, but most of this will be to cover postage. Let me know what you want and we can work out the postage...
  4. Huntington487

    LIQUIDATION SALE (700+) 2017 TOPPS $7 Benintendi x 2 Included

    I am winding down on my deadline to donate the rest of my collection and simply want a good home for these cards rather than giving them away to goodwill. $7 + $8 postage is all I want. Well concealed cash is preferred but PP is OK for a fast transaction. There is a great partial set down to...
  5. Huntington487

    Time to Give it Away - 1979 Topps

    I am clearing house now as my deadline approaches to take it all to Goodwill. I am pulling out the better years and boxing them up for the best deals for you that I can. I have a 3200 count box packed solid of 1979 with stars included available for $15 + $15 postage. I have a partial set...
  6. Huntington487

    Ultimatum Sale - 2016 Topps Base, Traded, Holiday - Rock Bottom Prices

    The wife says go, so they must go....My loss is your gain.... Inserts and lots below. Postage is .75 for 1-4 card PWE (non-machinable), $2.50 for 5-20 cards, $3 for 21-50 and we can discuss a fair price for lots greater than 50. I would prefer cash but will accept PayPal for $1 more to offset...
  7. Huntington487

    Ultimatum Sale - 2,000 Cards for $10... Buy 1 or 10

    Wife has given me the ultimatum of 30 days to unload everything, so I have got to move some serious bulk. My collection ranges from late 70's to current. I will do my best to give you a great assortment of cards. You will not get a box full of 1988 Topps, but a box with as many years and...
  8. Huntington487

    Ultimatum Sale - 2017 Topps Heritage Lot w/ Top Rookies

    I will sell the entire lot below for $12 cash shipped or $13 paypal shipped The wife says go, so they must go....My loss is your gain.... Inserts and lots below. Postage is .75 for 1-4 card PWE (non-machinable), $2.50 for 5-20 cards, $3 for 21-50 and we can discuss a fair price for lots...
  9. Huntington487

    Ultimatum from the Wife - Must Sell 2017 Topps

    My loss is your gain.... Inserts and lots below. Postage is .75 for 1-4 card PWE (non-machinable), $2.50 for 5-20 cards, $3 for 21-50 and we can discuss a fair price for lots greater than 50. I would prefer cash but will accept PayPal for $1 more to offset the fees. Let's get to it...
  10. Huntington487

    2017 Topps Heritage Wants and Tradelist

    I am looking to put together team sets of the Cubs and Reds and willing to trade away everything else that I picked up. WANTS: Cubs: 3-5-7-9-31-60-97-152-156-158-224-395 SPs: 410-423-424-469-481-482-499-500 Reds: 1-35-59-69-130-192-230-245 SPs: 431-449-498 And to trade for these in...
  11. Huntington487

    WS Team Collector Question

    Question for you collection critics... The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 WS..... would you collect the 2016 Topps Set or the 2017 Team set with all the extras?? I am wanting to put together a side collection of WS team sets and needed some opinions... At first I would have said the 2016 set...
  12. Huntington487

    WTTF 2016 Topps Set and Team Needs - Tradelist Inside

    These are my needs- Series 1 - 40-47-59-66-75-84-109-132-142-173-174-188-220-229-263-281-283-292 Team Set Needs Reds: complete Cubs: 36-66-125-153-166 Indians: 193 Series 2 - 543 Team Set Needs: Reds: 426 Cubs: 371-441 Indians: 460-556 Update: Complete Team Set Needs: Reds: 34-68 These...
  13. Huntington487

    WTTF 2016 Topps Update

    I am needing the following base: 36-40-47-60-65-100-130-162-173-222-235-255-269-274-275-297 I have the following to trade (base at the bottom: 2016 Update Inserts Fire - 10 Rizzo, 12 Sano, 14 Donaldson Gold - US47 Romine 932/2016, US95 Neris 675/2016, US95 Neris 987/2016, US126 Colon...
  14. Huntington487

    Trading for ANY and ALL Duvall, Cozart, Suarez and Votto

    Title says it all...let me know what you have and what you are looking for... I have 2016 Topps/Topps Update and Heritage to trade and player lots for previous years. I am fine with PWE for single cards for these 4. Let me know and I will respond quickly.
  15. Huntington487

    WTTF 2016 Topps Heritage

    I am looking for the following cards and have listed below what I have for trade. Looking for: Reds: 168-474-706 Cubs: 70-437-444-505-635-723 What I have for trade...
  16. Huntington487

    Trying to Finish 2016 Topps KG Tribute to the Kid - Lots of Inserts to Trade

    Still Needing 4-19-20-21 For Trade: Series 1 Gold: 252 Soler Foil: 108 Paulsen - 332 Blue Jays Back to Back: 3 Posey/Belt - 6 Pederson/Gonzalez - 11 Trout/Pujols - 13 Williams/Doerr Berger's Best: 37 Boggs - 56 Matsuzaka First Pitch: 10 Knoxville - 16 Aoki - 18 Gregory Greatest...
  17. Huntington487

    2016 Topps Wanted with 2016 Tradelist

    Wanted: Series 1...
  18. Huntington487

    2016 Cincinnati Reds Needs

    Looking to Build Cincinnati Reds Team Sets from the 2016 Products Below 2016 Topps Base – Completed 2016 Topps Gypsy Queen – 107 – Mesoraco – 154 Votto – 169 Bruce – 175 Peraza – 176 Hamilton – 193 Iglesias – 199 Finnegan – 227 DeSclafani – 229 Phillips – 274 Bailey – 286 Waldrop – 301 Bench –...
  19. Huntington487

    WTTF: Josh Donaldson Base, Iserts, Auto & GU!!!

    Looking to start a new player collection on a solid player. Let me know what you have to trade and who you are looking for, I will be updating my tradelist with new cards over the next couple of days/weeks/months :)
  20. Huntington487

    2016 Topps For Trade.... Inserts!!

    Trading to complete the Series 2 Set and for my Cincinnati Reds Inserts... Trading Inserts for missing base cards as well... Let's Trade!! Red's Needs: Base: 426 Berger's Best: 1967 Tony Perez MLB Debut: 2 Johnny Bench, 37 Joey Votto Griffey Tribute to the Kid: 2-4-12-13-15-19-20-21-23-25-30...