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  1. 7guns

    Working on coming back

    Been gone for a a.long while wanting to work my way back A little about me for those who do not know me. I only collect McGwire for my pc. Currently have the #1 registry for graded McGwires and I have an obsession with any mini I can find.The only set I am working on is the master set for 2008...
  2. 7guns

    2018 Allen & Ginter FT

    Mini's 31 158 184241 280 309 Black Border 166 A&G Back 111 291 296 Exotic Sports 1 25 Postage Required 10 Baseball Superstitions 9 Indigenous Heroes 18 21 FSRA AN Aaron Nola Grey Jersey Baseball Equipment 18 24 Magnificent Moons 1 6 8 Fantasy Goldmine 6 18 29 39 Worlds Greatest...
  3. 7guns

    Needed SLU Clamshells

    I am looking for clamshells for single and the classic Doubles Lineups. Maybe you have a few or have seen them at you LCS I am buying at reasonable prices or will trade if I happen to have something you want. They do not have to be new as long as they are not damaged. Hopefully someone can help...
  4. 7guns

    McGwire Wanted

    Been a while since I posted looking for anything McGwire. I do not buy much new product as I only collect McGwire. I do have some 2018 Gypsy Queen and some 2017 A&G other than that my inventory is 2000 to 2010 mainly. I will trade Gu and Auto's if need be. Let me know what you have and if you...
  5. 7guns

    Guypsy Queen 1 Blaster and 1 value pack al lFT

    Went to Walmart today they had 1 blaster and 1 value pack so I had to grab them did not impress me so it all FT. Fortune Teller: Sanchez Bellinger Tarot of the Diamond: Judge Ichiro Parallel: 15 169 190 194 206 Green Parallel: 73 125 166 219 241 Then there is all the base cards. Looking...
  6. 7guns

    Almost 150 Gu and Auto's Ft Full list inside looking for McGwire

    I am only looking for McGwire stuff at this time I collect anything McGwire related does not have to be cards. 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Autographs #SK Sandy Koufax (Book Value is 600.00 so I will be picky on this one) 1997 Carolina Mud Cats Best #23 Charles Peterson 1997 Hagerstown Suns Best #15...
  7. 7guns

    A few Gu/Autos Ft

    Looking for McGwire cards to add to my Pc. I will look at list and listen all to all offers. 2012 Topps Allen and Ginter Autographs #AR Anthony Rizzo $60.00 2013 Topps Tribute Autographs Blue #NC Nelson Cruz 50/50 $20.00 2009 Topps 206 Mini Framed Relics Polar Bear #FR15 Ryan Braun...
  8. 7guns

    2011 Gypsy Queen Kofax Auto Ft 600.00 Bv

    I only collect Mark McGwire I will look at list and listen to all offers. I can send pics via text or email from my phone. McGwire site is in my signature as well if you want to take a look at it.
  9. 7guns

    Top Loaders needed

    I just did a big deal so now I need 800-900 gently used ones. I would prefer to trade something for them if possible. Please let me know if you can help me out. Thanks
  10. 7guns

    Super Collectors Please Help

    So as many know I am a collector of anything McGwire as the years have went by I have acquired a lot of different items. Now with an extra room want to do it right looking for ideas to help.I do not just want to cover every wall with frames or shelves. Some of the things I want to do something...
  11. 7guns

    2010 Topps Ft

    Found a box of about 800 cards ser#1 no sp's if you need anything let me know maybe I can help finish a set or a team set.
  12. 7guns

    Looking for McGwire mini's Look inside

    I am as always looking for McGwire cards I need ,but I am stuck on mini cards at the moment may be willing to buy higher end mini cards if the price is right. The only new stuff I have bought in years is 2017 A&G so most of my stuff is 2010 and older hope we can make some deals.
  13. 7guns

    2017 Allen & Ginter FT More added including a Gu

    I am looking for McGwire's I need mainly especially anything mini size (my newest McGwire addiction) also looking for 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Gold or Seasonal Signatures for my master set. Mini A and G Back #18 42 52 79 81 157 295 327 2017 Topps Allen and Ginter Mini Magicians and...
  14. 7guns

    2017 Allen & Ginter Ft Including A. Judge Jersey card

    Base: 34 36 66 91 95 117 132 143 145 156 160 166 175 208 209 210 223 227 237 248 262 276 281 285 292 297 308 332 344 347 Worlds Fair: 4 9 Revolutionary Battles:9 Sports Fish & Fishing Lures :10 What a Day:1 18 43 47 Judge FSRA-AJ with pinstripe 50.00 TRADED Minis:52 142 144 317 Horse in...
  15. 7guns

    BGS 9.5 McGwire FT

    1987 Fleer Update Glossy #U-76 McGwire BGS 0006887785 Would like to get something for the Mac collection in return. Site through 2010 http://www.joering.com/mcgwire/?coll...View+All&tn=tn after that please ask
  16. 7guns

    McGwire wanted

    2010 and newer need most anything site is updated for older than 2010. I have a lot of older low end gu and Autos in the bucket that I will trade for these. Let's get some trades started Jerry
  17. 7guns

    Question about the adds

    Every time I look at post it has adds is there a way to prevent this so the post is easier to read?
  18. 7guns

    1997 and 1998 DorussTins Ft

    Looking for McGwire cards I need been out of the hobby for a bit so it should be easy to find something I need if you see anything. Any McGwire after 2003 I probably need. Here is the tins I have Ft. 1997 Blue Bonds Jeter McGwire Sheffield Clemons Gwynn Bagwell I Rod. Sandburg Sosa Griffey jr...
  19. 7guns

    H.O.F member trying to get back in the hobby

    Hey all hope to meet new people and reconnect with some old ones. I have been out of the hobby for around 6years so I have nothing new and not to organized yet anything you see on my list that you are interested in I will verify that I have it still. I am a McGwire collector mainly and haven't...
  20. 7guns

    A Pretty Rainbow McGwire Style

    Just finished this up Finally.Thanks for looking.