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    1986 Topps Kansas City Royals project

    A few years ago, I started collecting autographs on all the 1986 Topps Kansas City Royals cards. I tracked all of them down except George Brett, Dan Quisenberry (deceased) and Dick Howser (deceased). This past week, I purchased a 1986 Topps autographed Quisenberry card. So now, I'm down to just...
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    Most surprising TTM success?

    Pete Rose
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    One for today 3/1

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    For whom the Bell tolls

    Heath Bell and Daniel Schlereth both had quick returns from their respective spring training sites.
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    Dunn got me Amour TTM's in 2/19...

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    Joe Carter via TTM

    For what it's worth, I sent to Carter this past May and have had no response.
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    It's never too late

    Take a look at this article from the NY Post.
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    A couple trades in today..

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    I didn't think the 1986 Topps I sent to Steve Balboni was coming back, so I made a trade for one. A couple of months later, here it is in the mail. I guess I can't complain about having two.
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    One fast Walker

    Herschel Walker returned 1/1 in a little less than two months. He included #34.
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    1 TTM - Lee Smith 2/1/10

    Congrats! I sent to him a few months ago. I guess I'll wait and see.
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    Sparky Anderson?

    Did he include a note saying he doesn't want to sign anymore?
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    Unexpected return

    I almost forgot about this one I sent out back in May. But in Monday's mail there was 3 of 3 signed by Terrell Brandon. I hate having to wait, but those are the fun successes when you're not expecting them. I also finalized a couple of trades today when I received three autographed 1986 Topps...
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    Sparky Anderson?

    I'm in agreement. I won't send to him. Thanks.
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    George Foreman autos

    Thanks for the advice.
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    Sparky Anderson?

    Starting a few months ago, Sparky Anderson requests kept coming back that he wasn't going to sign anymore. I've noticed that people keep on sending to him, and it seems he continues to keep signing them. Does anyone know if he has stopped saying he doesn't want to sign any more? I'd like his...
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    Tim Wallach

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    I won a Tony!

    Tony LaRussa sent 1/1 back in about 45 days. A great manager and a great success.
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    George Foreman autos

    George Foreman is coming near me next week to speak at KU in Lawrence. I'm planning on attending and hoping to get his autograph, but I don't really know what to have him sign. I don't have any cards or photos of him, or magazines with him on the cover. I don't want to spend $40 on a pair of...