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    1986 Topps Kansas City Royals project

    A few years ago, I started collecting autographs on all the 1986 Topps Kansas City Royals cards. I tracked all of them down except George Brett, Dan Quisenberry (deceased) and Dick Howser (deceased). This past week, I purchased a 1986 Topps autographed Quisenberry card. So now, I'm down to just...
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    For whom the Bell tolls

    Heath Bell and Daniel Schlereth both had quick returns from their respective spring training sites.
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    It's never too late

    Take a look at this article from the NY Post.
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    I didn't think the 1986 Topps I sent to Steve Balboni was coming back, so I made a trade for one. A couple of months later, here it is in the mail. I guess I can't complain about having two.
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    One fast Walker

    Herschel Walker returned 1/1 in a little less than two months. He included #34.
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    Unexpected return

    I almost forgot about this one I sent out back in May. But in Monday's mail there was 3 of 3 signed by Terrell Brandon. I hate having to wait, but those are the fun successes when you're not expecting them. I also finalized a couple of trades today when I received three autographed 1986 Topps...
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    Sparky Anderson?

    Starting a few months ago, Sparky Anderson requests kept coming back that he wasn't going to sign anymore. I've noticed that people keep on sending to him, and it seems he continues to keep signing them. Does anyone know if he has stopped saying he doesn't want to sign any more? I'd like his...
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    I won a Tony!

    Tony LaRussa sent 1/1 back in about 45 days. A great manager and a great success.
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    George Foreman autos

    George Foreman is coming near me next week to speak at KU in Lawrence. I'm planning on attending and hoping to get his autograph, but I don't really know what to have him sign. I don't have any cards or photos of him, or magazines with him on the cover. I don't want to spend $40 on a pair of...
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    1986 Topps Royals auto project

    If you remember, back in April I started a project to get all 25 of the 1986 Topps Royals cards autographed. I now have 16 of them. Here's what I still need. Please let me know if anyone has any of these cards or if they know how to be of assistance. So far I've been able to do this at hardly...
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    Taylor made TTM

    Lawrence Taylor signed his 1991 Upper Deck card for me in about three weeks.
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    Royals Fanfest Day 2

    I didn't focus as much on autographs Saturday as I was more concerned on making sure my 6-year-old son had a good time with all of the baseball activities. But I did get a few: Jorge Orta: 1985 Topps and signed my son's Kansas City Royals glove. Dennis Leonard: Team promo photo and glove. Jim...
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    Royals Fanfest Day 1

    Successes from first day of Kansas City Royals Fanfest: Most importantly for me, I added five more 1986 Topps Royals signed cards to my collection. I'm now up to 14 of those signed. - Mike Boddicker - signed 1993 Topps and baseball - Alberto Callasp - signed two baseballs - Billy Butler -...
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    For whom the Bell tolls

    Former Raiders running back Nick Bell signed 1 of 1 in about two weeks. It's my first football success.
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    A Bill I was happy to see in the mail

    Former Rookie of the Year and Gold Glover Bill Virdon returned the card I sent and included one of his own. A great success from a great TTMer.
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    Woody Williams

    Woody Williams signed 1/1 in about two weeks. The signature is in blue sharpie and it smeared quite a bit though. Still, my nephew is a Cardinals fan and it will make a nice extra gift.
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    Trade/ebay pick ups

    Received 1987 Topps auto of Whitey Herzog via trade with greatdadx2. Also picked up 1986 Topps auto of Pat Sheridan through ebay to add to my 1986 Topps Royals collection. I have 10 now. Still a long ways to go, but I'm gradually getting there. If anyone has any 1986 Topps Royals autos, be...
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    Trades on SCN

    I'm wanting to make a few trades for 1986 Topps Royals autos on SCN. Any members out there who can help me? Thanks, Mark
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    Royal Blue Friday

    I was able to get in-person autos from former Kansas City Royals Willie Wilson, Willie Aikens and Kevin Seitzer as part of a free promotion to boost sales at the Royals team store. They each signed a ball, as well as cards for me and my son. They were all great guys.
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    A couple of successes

    After being out of town for a week, I returned to two unexpected returns from Buddy Biancalana and Pete Incivaglia after several months of waiting. The Biancalana is huge for 1986 Topps Royals collection.