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  1. bblair_2002

    SportLots is Awesome!

    Been trying to trade to finish my 2020 Stadium Club Chrome set for a few months now. Whether high postage rates is the reason my trade count has gone in the toilet lately? I don't know. What I do know is Sportlots has been a tremendous help in helping me get these set needs on the cheap. Just...
  2. bblair_2002

    This weeks sign of the apocalypse

    I've all but given up on buying retail at Walmart and the nearest Target is nearly 30 miles away and I've never been that desperate to open packs so it's no big loss. One of the LCSs I go to usually buys retail but this year companies have cut his orders drastically and in some cases won't let...
  3. bblair_2002

    Looking for a webpage to host my collection

    Cody and Cory - I think I figured out the new Google sites and gonna work on it little by little. Hopefully I did it right LOL. Thanks fellas.
  4. bblair_2002

    Looking for a webpage to host my collection

    So a few weeks ago I tried to transfer my cards from the old Google sites to the new one. Ole idiot me screwed something up in the process and I lost every trade/have list from that site. Although I'm gonna stream-line it this time around and not put as much junky inserts and rookies on it that...
  5. bblair_2002

    BV vs SV - How do you trade?

    I feel the same way. Set needs and lower-end stuff I don't mind BV at all,but I'm not gonna trade a hot BV $40 card when they sell for over $100. A couple weeks ago I offered someone on here a fair trade going by SV and the guy went into a hissy-fit.
  6. bblair_2002

    2019/20 Upper Deck Artifacts Golf Hobby Box 05/12/2021

    Easy pass on that. Upper Deck really screwed the pooch with this release.
  7. bblair_2002


    Working fine for me too.
  8. bblair_2002

    New updated set needs list

    Anyone out there help me out?
  9. bblair_2002


    Sometimes trades don't go the way you want them to and you just have to say "thanks anyway" and move on instead of getting pissed over it. As many long-time Benchies can attest,the old me would have reacted this way but with age comes wisdom but to leave this site over it is laughable. Just drop...
  10. bblair_2002

    More detailed set needs list

    Bump this up.
  11. bblair_2002

    2021 Diamond Kings box break

    I'll post it when I get home from work and mail tomorrow. Thanks Cory.
  12. bblair_2002

    2021 Diamond Kings box break

    How about the DK Anderson and Holo Blue Pujols along with the Khalil Lee for the Kirilloff?
  13. bblair_2002

    2021 Diamond Kings box break

    Yeah my site has gone kaputz unfortunately with all my tradelists and PC lists gone but luckily I still had my set needs written down on a piece of paper. Any new 2021 Pujols stuff by chance?
  14. bblair_2002

    2021 Diamond Kings box break

    It's all good. Take whatever time you need.
  15. bblair_2002

    2021 Diamond Kings 1.5 Box

    Can use the Pujols stuff Steve. I'll see what I can dig out for you.
  16. bblair_2002

    2021 Diamond Kings box break

  17. bblair_2002

    2021 Diamond Kings box break

    Cory - I can use this: 2017 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs #CPAKL Khalil Lee No 0 No No Yes $25.00Price Down Any Ian Anderson or set needs to add to it? Not asking for much.
  18. bblair_2002

    2021 Diamond Kings box break

    I pulled an Anderson but I'm PCing him too since he's a local kid. Nothing of the other guys in insert or base.
  19. bblair_2002

    2021 Diamond Kings box break

    Picked up a box for $120. Shop had it for $130 but he came down for me. Not much to speak of so I'll just list parallels and hits: Gray Framed Leody Taveras Drew Rasmussen Debut Diamond Kings Plum Framed Jonathan Stiever Relics/Autos Joe Torre Jersey Alex Kirilloff Dual Jersey Auto Not a...
  20. bblair_2002

    New updated set needs list

    Here's what I'm currently looking with names in hopes people can find these easier: 2020 Stadium Club Chrome base set (code ending in 243) 6 27 35 40 42 44 61 66 74 93 102 104 117 149 152 157 161 170 175 177 178 180 181 194 204 206 212 225 232 241 253 257 263 270 277 281 291...