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  1. Hawaiian BamBam

    How did I get kicked out of the HOF?

    Hello, long time member here since 2008. made tons of trades and got into the bench HOF, took a break for a while, just came back today and it shows me as a new rookie member and im no longer in the HOF what happened? i thought once in the bench HOF you stay forever 9i worked hard at the time to...
  2. Hawaiian BamBam

    Bowman Chrome question

    Hey Guys, been away from collecting bowman chrome rookies and I was wondering, is there still value in collecting the different colored refractors and bowman chrome that are not autographed such as the gold/50 blue/150, green/99 purple/200 etc? do people still collect them, or do they just want...
  3. Hawaiian BamBam

    Bring me your DODGERS!

    Looking for signed Dodgers cards, let me know what you have for trade or sale, thanks!
  4. Hawaiian BamBam

    Does anyone buy Topps cards from these years anymore?

    Hey guys, does anyone buy topps cards for their sets from years 1980-2000's anymore? for example do people still go to ebay and or/comc and buy a 1982 topps steve carlton or a 1985 topps george hendrick, or a 1987 topps tony pena or a 1989 topps dave stewart or a 1995 topps cal ripken, you get...
  5. Hawaiian BamBam

    Do you prefer your cards signed in sharpie or pen?

    Hello, Do you prefer your cards signed in sharpie or pen? any pros or cons for sharpie vs pen? thanks
  6. Hawaiian BamBam

    Anyone collect Bowman chrome anymore?

    Hey Guys, Ive been out of the non autograph side of collecting for some time now and I was wondering is it still profitable to collect a players bowman chrome rookie card in hopes of him being the next big player? i think refractors are still where the money is? or can money be made with the...
  7. Hawaiian BamBam

    looking for pete rose topps signed

    Hello, im looking to purchase any pete rose topps signed cards you might have. let me know what you have for sale, thanks.
  8. Hawaiian BamBam

    what is it that you collect?

    Hello, What is it that you collect autographs of? Also, do you like to collect, signed cards, baseballs, photos, bats, etc? thanks
  9. Hawaiian BamBam

    Do you prefer Buy it now or auctions?

    Do you prefer Buy it now or auctions on EBAY? I like buy it now because sometimes i see an item i like on EBAY but dont want to wait 7 days until the auction is over. it is nice to just buy what i want right away with buy it now instead of waiting for an auction to end. which do you prefer? thanks
  10. Hawaiian BamBam

    EBAY store name help?

    Hey guys, I need your guys help figuring this one out as im tied between both choices and would like you to be the tie breaker. im trying to decide on a name for my ebay store. ill be selling mostly vintage baseball cards. would you pick: 1. Bam Bam Sports Cards 2. Bam Bam Vintage Cards I...
  11. Hawaiian BamBam

    Best Scanner for multi Cards?

    hey guys, i was wondering is there a scanner that you recommend that i can scan more than one card at a time. im trying to scan multiple cards but my scanner (epson nx230) doesnt scan more than one card at a time. its like watching paint drying on a wall, there must be a faster way to scan multi...
  12. Hawaiian BamBam

    Las Vegas card shops?

    any recommendations for card shops in Las Vegas? thanks
  13. Hawaiian BamBam

    What years Topps are considered "Vintage years"?

    What years Topps are considered "Vintage years"? IM thinking 1951-1981? your thoughts please
  14. Hawaiian BamBam

    COMC charges outrageous return shipping costs? WHY?

    Has anyone every tried getting their cards back from COMC? I have a few hundred cards listed on COMC that havent sold in years so i decided to have those cards shipped back to me and the total was over $100 to ship my cards back! I called COMC and they said that the cost was the labor of pulling...
  15. Hawaiian BamBam

    junk wax era question?

    hey guys, this is a two part question. first, what years is generally accepted as the junk wax era? and also, since those cards were so mass produced they are basically worthless is what i read. since stories got out that they weren't worth the cardboard they were printed on im sure thousands...
  16. Hawaiian BamBam

    Selling $1 sports cards question?

    I had an interesting discussion today when my wife was looking at my boxes of cards and said, you know if you get $1 for each card you have youll be a millionaire! it got me to thinking. how easy would it be or how realistic to list tons and tons of cards for $1.00 each on ebay and make money? i...
  17. Hawaiian BamBam

    Collecting Bowman Chrome question?

    Hello, its been awhile since I bought Bowman Chrome rookie cards. In regards to prospecting rookies. Is it still popular or only with rookies like Kershaw/Trout etc? I ask because years ago I bought almost 100 Dee Gordon Bowman Chrome prospect cards in hopes that he would be the next rickey...
  18. Hawaiian BamBam

    WTTF:Topps Tribute HOFers and Dodgers!

    Looking for Topps Tribute HOFers and Dodgers! please let me know what you have, any help appreciated. thanks
  19. Hawaiian BamBam

    Being a Card Collector in 1952!

    Found this old photo on the internet of what it looked like in 1952.(i think the picture was at a woolworths store) And yes, those are all unopened boxes of 1952 Topps! How cool would it have been to be a baseball card collector back then?
  20. Hawaiian BamBam

    Looking for Dodgers and Diamond Kings!

    Hey guys, Bring me your Dodgers and also Diamond Kings signed in ballpoint pen (no sharpies please) Let me know what you have, thanks