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  1. timfsu2k

    20018 Topps series 2

    Anyone need any for sets or PC additions? Bought three of the 72 card hanger boxes. No Acuna but plenty of base and a few inserts. Looking for Nolan Ryan or will sell cheap. Pulled one HOF SP card, Don Mattingly.
  2. timfsu2k

    Small tradelist of older cards - all pictured!

    LMK what you are interested in and I'll pull the cards. Looking for Nolan Ryan stuff that I need, or possibly 1980s rookie cards. NOTE: The Babe Ruth cards are not available.
  3. timfsu2k

    1991 The Wiz NY Mets cards FT

    Picked up a large lot of 1991 The Wiz New York Mets cards and looking to trade them for Nolan Ryan cards that I need. I have about 50 Mets from this set and would trade them all for $15 worth of Ryan cards. LMK if anyone is looking for these and we will work something out.
  4. timfsu2k

    Any newer Nolan Ryan cards out there FT?

    Haven't picked up any Nolan Ryan in a while, who has some for me? I don't have any newer cards to trade but have some older stuff available. Leave a list of who you collect and I'll see if I can help you out.
  5. timfsu2k

    Older cards, $1 each or trade for newer Nolan Ryan stuff!

    Looking to move these lower end cards. Will consider trades for newer Nolan Ryan cards I need, mostly from 2018. $3 flat shipping. I believe there are 90+ baseball cards in these pics. Take them all for $60 shipped. (Basketball in this pic not available) Football thread...
  6. timfsu2k

    Nolan Ryan Topps Fire

    Hi all, I'm looking for 2017 Topps Fire Nolan Ryan cards. I need any and all base, inserts, and parallels. Can buy if the price is right or can trade, but I do not have any cards from the last few years as I have stopped buying packs to solely focus on my Ryan collection. I do have a lot of...
  7. timfsu2k

    Ken Griffey, Jr. Summit Parallel FS $4 delivered

    Puckett sold. $4 shipped in a PWE. Also have this Griffey, same price.
  8. timfsu2k

    Who likes $1 cards? Lots of pictures inside - UPDATED 9-12

    A bunch of these sold, so I have added a bunch of cards and updated all the pictures. $1 each, $3 flat shipping. Buy 20 cards or more and shipping is on me. Happ is a green tint SP. Lavarnway is a refractor. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Bay is a refractor, Mattingly is Tiffany, Wilkerson is /10...
  9. timfsu2k

    Bunch of baseball for sale, autos and game used - mostly old timers

    Add $3 flat shipping. $20 or over and it's on me. Will trade for Nolan Ryan stuff that I need. Not looking for any Nolan Ryan vintage cards. Thompson /99 $15 - SOLD Campaneris /25 $9 Ferrell/Dempsey Sigma Cuts /10 - PENDING (mgm) $17 Hough $5 Dickerson $3 Martinez...
  10. timfsu2k

    Anyone have a 1993 Topps Colorado Rockies Nolan Ryan?

    I need the Rockies parallel Nolan Ryan card from 1993 Topps. I will trade well in your favor for one. I actually have four of the Marlins parallels and would give two of them for one Rockies. Also have other cards I could trade in baseball, few basketball, and a few football. LMK!
  11. timfsu2k

    Mid 90s to mid 00s stars FT

    Hey guys, I have a box full of star inserts, base, and parallels from the mid 90s to the mid 00s up for trade. Looking to move everything I have for my PC guys. I am currently only looking for Nolan Ryan and Peyton Manning cards that I need. For Manning I need most everything from 2015 and...
  12. timfsu2k

    Couple cheap lots

    $5 each shipped! Or both for $9.
  13. timfsu2k

    Nice 57 card lot - Serial numbered, RC, SP, Auto, Inserts, Parallels, etc.

    Another nice lot of cards for $20 shipped. Selling this nice lot of cards for $20 shipped. Big book value and lots of big names. 00 UD Eternal Glory Ken Griffey, Jr. 01 Fleer Futures Hot Commodities Barry Bonds 04 Leaf Limited Curt Schilling /749 04 SP Authentic All Star Tommy Lasorda...
  14. timfsu2k

    66 card serial numbered lot FS - Lots of stars!

    $20 shipped. Everything listed below plus 20 more semistar type serial numbered inserts and parallels. 1994 Leaf Limited Gold Greg Maddux /10000 1995 Donruss Pure Power Manny Ramirez /5000 1997 Donruss Diamond Kings Andruw Jones /10000 1997 Pinnacle Hit It Here Barry Bonds /10000 1998...
  15. timfsu2k

    Dodgers fans - 2015 Bowman Green Joc Pederson RC FT

    Have this one: 2015 Bowman Green 130 Joc Pederson RC 70/99 Looking for Nolan Ryan, Jeter, Trout or will sell for $7.50 dlvd in a PWE.
  16. timfsu2k

    2015 Topps lot of 30 cards FS

    $10 shipped. Base rookies Michael Taylor Jake Lamb Daniel Norris Nicke Tropeano James McCann Daniel Corcino Topps AS rookie cup base: Billy Hamilton Xander Bogaerts Base Bryce Harper Topps Gold Jesse Chavez 1116/2015 Foil parallel Rymer Liriano RC Robbed In Center Alexi Amarista George...
  17. timfsu2k

    Any Mets fans? Have a 2013 Topps Black /62 FS.

    It is Ruben Tejada, card number 485. Serial numbered 18/62. Will sell for $3.50 shipped in a well protected PWE.
  18. timfsu2k

    Anyone have any 2014 Topps Tek Nolan Ryan?

    Need any and all. LMK what you have and who/what you are looking for. I haven't bought a single pack in the last five years but I do have a lot of star singles FT.
  19. timfsu2k

    40+ card serial numbered lot

    Huge BV here, great for trade bait. $10 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. timfsu2k

    2011 Goodwin needs

    Need the following to complete the set: Base: 72, 104 SP: 151, 155, 160, 163, 172, 176, 179, 184, 188, 195, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, 203, 204, 206, 208, 210 LMK if you can help! I have a ton of minis from this set.