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  1. Applegate

    Just saying hello.....

    I have been away for quite awhile, about 3 years. I have been wanting to get back to collecting for a while. I don't have any new stuff as I have not been opening anything. I hope to have some new inventory soon. I want to finish my sets and maybe start some new ones. Thanks, Gary
  2. Applegate

    A couple sets completed

    I have managed to complete a couple more sets. I have added albums for these sets. First a game used set 2001 Fleer Legacy Tailor Made . Second a manufactured item set 2016 Topps 500 Home HR Futures Club Medallion set. Thanks to everyone here that helped me get these nice sets together. Gary
  3. Applegate

    Do these 2 cards exist?

    A couple years ago I started a 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Captured On Canvas set. I have 88 different cards. Beckett lists 90 cards in the set. The 2 I don't have are: DJ Derek Jeter......I have a Jeter JE card and the only Jeter DJ I can find is the autographed version. YE Yunel...
  4. Applegate

    2009 Topps Legends FT

    I have these to trade for my set needs. Check my home page for wants or I can look at trade lists. Thanks, Gary 2009 Topps Legends of the Game #LG1 Cy Young $2 2009 Topps Legends of the Game #LG4 Ty Cobb $3 2009 Topps Legends of the Game #LG8 George Sisler $1.25 2009 Topps Legends of the Game...
  5. Applegate

    ***thread closed***card aquired*****

    Title says it all. I need this: 2016 Topps Medallion 500M-10 Jose Bautista - Toronto Blue Jays BV $8 to finish the set. I will gladly trade in your favor to finish this set out. Thanks, Gary
  6. Applegate

    '17 Heritage FT SPs/purple refs Ortiz/Lindor/Trout & others

    I have these to trade for my needs. Willing to look at trade lists, no buckets please. Thanks, Gary #THC-412 David Ortiz Chrome Purple Refractor $5...............traded #THC-417 Justin Verlander Chrome Purple Refractor $4 #THC-419 Francisco Lindor Chrome Purple Refractor $6........traded...
  7. Applegate

    2015 Stadium Club 3 pack break 2 hits

    I stopped by the local hobby shop to get a few more Heritage packs but they were sold out. So, I picked up 3 packs of '15 Stadium Club and here is what I got: 3 David Cone 12 Giancarlo Stanton 13 Ernie Banks 33 Cal Ripken Jr 60 James Shields 70 James McCann RC 76 Bo Jackson 82 Deion Sanders...
  8. Applegate

    2013 & 2014 Topps Heritage base & SPs FT

    I recently acquired a collection from a local guy and while most of it will be absorbed into my own personal collection some of it will be for trade. I got a lot of the '13 and '14 Topps Heritage stuff and I already had mine complete I have a lot to trade. 1st post is for 2013 and 2nd post is...
  9. Applegate

    ***thread closed card traded******

    Hello all, I have the 2017 Topps Postseason PPR-CS Corey Seager game used bat #ed /100 BV $40 for trade. I will be looking for 2017 Topps game used from my want lists on my home page. Thanks, Gary
  10. Applegate

    All my 2017 Topps wants......

    I have moved all my 2017 wants to one thread. Hopefully it will be easier to keep track of it all. I am in the process of moving all my tradelists to my homepage. If you have something I need please check my tradelists or I can look at wantlist. Also needing 2016 Topps snowflake relics want list...
  11. Applegate

    2017 Topps series 1 parallels FT pink/black/negative/vintage stock

    Here is the list of stuff I have to trade. I am looking for JRD Patches and Major League Materials. My threads on The Bench may not be up-to-date but the lists on my home page are up-to-date. I can also look at tradelists. Thanks, Gary 2017 Topps Parallels for trade 88 Freddy Galvis "pink" /50...
  12. Applegate

    2017 Topps '87 Chrome trade list "silver pack cards"

    Thread closed, all cards I still have are listed on my home page. Thanks, Gary
  13. Applegate

    2017 Topps Major League Materials wanted

    Moved my want lists to here: Hello all, I am going to try to put this set together. I have most all my trade stuff listed on my home page except the 2017 stuff and it can be found here...
  14. Applegate

    Finally pulled a Topps SSP

    Had to run to town on a honey-do errand and stopped my the local hobby shop and there was 1 pack left in a 2017 Topps so I got it and much to my surprise this was in it: What do you think the BV on this will be?
  15. Applegate

    2017 Topps 500 HR Club Stamps set "complete"

    Here are the cards that were releases in 2016 Topps Update. This does not include all the members of the 500 HR club just the ones Topps had permission to print. Would have been nice if all members had a card. But still a very nice set. If you can't see the images there is a link at the bottom...
  16. Applegate

    WANTED 2017 Topps Jackie Robinson Day Patches BVs listed

    Moved my want lists to here: I am doing it again. Collecting the manufactured patches from blaster boxes. If you have any here is my want list. LMK what you are looking for in return or check my...
  17. Applegate

    2017 Topps Tradelist 'more added 2/21"

    Hello, I have a lot of 2017 Topps inserts & parallels for trade listed here. I am looking mainly for items from these wantlists, especially Jackie Robinson Days patches. I will gladly trade in your favor. Royals Manufactured...
  18. Applegate

    2016 Topps Tribute WTT/WTTF

    I am looking to finish this set. Here are my want and trade lists with BVs. Thanks, Gary 2016 Topps Tribute............TRADE LIST 1 Mike Trout $8 6 Rafael Palmeiro $2 10 George Brett $5 14 Randy Johnson $2 15 Goose Gossage $1.50 21 Paul Molitor $2.50 (2) 24 Sonny Gray $1.50 44 Jose Abreu $2 47...
  19. Applegate

    '16 Topps Update inserts WTT/WTTF

    see my home page for want & trade lists
  20. Applegate

    2016 Bowman Platinum David Ortiz "green" /99 FT

    Title say it all. BV $8 Check my wants, link in sig. Or I can look at trade lists. Thanks, Gary