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  1. pmanningsfan73

    FS 16 Card Auto & GU'ed Lot

    Have this 16 Card Autograph & Gamed Used Lot for sale. Im' looking for $20.00 DLVD with tracking. Thanks for the look! 2002 Fleer Genuine Tim Hudson #9 Names of the Games GU Jersey (Oak) BV $10.00 2007 Artifacts Antiquity Carlos Beltran #BE Antiquity /199 GU Jersey (NYM) BV $8.00 2008 SPx...
  2. pmanningsfan73

    Winter Clearing U Build YO Lot

    Hello Benchie friends & Happy New Year! I'm trying to clear some older cards out before moving new cards in lol. I am gnna let you build your own lot & size of lot. Beow is the lot & payment scale. Please add $3.00 for S & H on any purchase. Will be adding more cards as time allows. Thanks for...
  3. pmanningsfan73

    Cards FS

    Looking eliminate some cards for PC money. Paypal, USPS MO, Cash (Your Risk) are all accepted. Shipping is $3.00 no matter the amount you purchase. Thanks for the looks & consideration! Refractors/Serial #'d/Parallels Sale Scale $0-$2.49=$0.25 $2.50-$5.00=$0.50 $6.00=$1.25 $8.00=$1.75...
  4. pmanningsfan73

    Johnny Cueto Lot w/auto For Sale

    Got the lot of Cueto cards below for $10.00 DLVD . Lmk if interested & thanks for the lol! 2010 Topps Chrome #5 BV $0.75 2011 Bowman #112 Green /450 BV $2.50 2011 Bowman #112 BV $0.50 2012 Topps Chrome #148 BV $0.75 2012 Topps Chrome #148 Blue Ref /199 BV $3.00 2012 Topps Tier 1 #JC AU /245...
  5. pmanningsfan73

    Aroldis Chapman Lot FS

    Have this Aroldis Chapman lot available for sale. Lot includes everything listed & consists of RCs, Refractors, Inserts & base cards. Looking for $12 DLVD in a BM with DC. Thanks for the looks! P.S. All except the 2017 is in Reds Uni. 2010 Bowman Platinum #PP10 BV $4.00 2011 Topps Chrome RC...
  6. pmanningsfan73

    Barbara Bush has Passed Away at Age 92

    Barbara Bush has passed away today 4/17/2018
  7. pmanningsfan73

    WTTF: Color & Chrome Parallels of PC Players

    Looking to trade for Colored refractors, #ed parallels & inserts such as GQ, TTT, Tribute, Bowman & Heritaage. Thanks
  8. pmanningsfan73

    FT: 2016 Finest Corey Seager Purple Ref /250

    TRADED: Thanks Saro Generated by
  9. pmanningsfan73

    My eBay Listings

    Trying to move some cards via the Bay. Click link below or the eBay sign under my username & stats. Thanks
  10. pmanningsfan73

    Question & Opinions on your Preference

    I was wondering how other player or team collectors choose to use toploaders in or on their collections. Like do you use a toploader on every card of your collection or maybe only on some that have a higher book value or value to you? I am trying to put all my PC cards $3 or higher in toploaders...
  11. pmanningsfan73

    For Sale: Mickey Mantle Insert Lot

    Got these Mantle inserts. Looking for $10.00 DLVD....Thanks for the look! 2006 Topps Mantle Home Run History #372 Mickey Mantle BV $2.00 2006 Topps Opening Day #7 Mickey Mantle BV $3.00 2007 Topps Mickey Mantle Story #MMS21 Mickey Mantle BV $2.00 2007 Topps Mickey Mantle Story #MMS29 Mickey...
  12. pmanningsfan73


    Has the Bench been hacked by some fools? Reason I ask is the link below & the other 3 or 4 threads by different usernames but with the same location & same BS in each thread.
  13. pmanningsfan73

    For Sale Miguel Cabrera Insert/Parallel Lot

    SOLD........Thanks Erdoro!! 2006 Ultra (Fleer) Miguel Cabrera Diamond Producers #DP12 (Fla/Mia) BV $3.00 2007 Ultra Miguel Cabrera Feel the Game #MC (Fla/Mia) BV $4.00 2007 Upper Deck Miguel Cabrera #MVP21 MVP Potential (Fla/Mia) BV $3.00 2008 Topps Stars Miguel Cabrera #TS17 (Det) BV $2.50...
  14. pmanningsfan73

    Finally 1 Chrome Blaster & 1 Chrome Mega Box

    So I finally found some Chrome at my Walmart while school supply shopping for my kids. I only bought a blaster & a Mega box just incase of the dings I've been hearing about. All were perfect with no damage or dings. Here is what I pulled nothing too exciting but think I did pretty good for...
  15. pmanningsfan73

    Some Great Cards for Sale!! CHEAP

    Gonna try my hand at moving some inventory. All the cards listed below have their current bv at the end of their listing. Please feel free to double check. Shipping will be $3.00 in bubble mailer w/tracking provided no matter how many you buy. Paypal Goods is preferred method of payment. Will...
  16. pmanningsfan73

    One Blaster of 2017 Heritage

    Bought a blaster of '17 Heritage from WallyWorld & of course no auto as I wasn't expecting that only hoping for a chrome or refractor but believe I did a little better because I hit a Purple Refractor hot box. here is all the inserts/parallels I pulled. Thanks for looking. SPs Buster Posey #475...
  17. pmanningsfan73

    WTTF: PC players!! Stanton, Longo, Pujols, etc

    Hello all! I am looking for numbered parallels/refractor &/or nicer parallels/inserts of my PC players below & in my sig. I AM NOT looking for base cards. I prefer & really enjoy trading first & foremost I DON'T COLLECT PANINI OR OTHER NON-LICENSED CARD PRODUCT PC players: Longoria...
  18. pmanningsfan73

    1 Box of 2016 Bowman's Best & 1 pack of 2015 Tribute SE

    So I bought my first boxes of the year & I think I did alright, got a couple PC cards so no complaints lol. Anyways here are the goods. 2016 Bowman's Best Mirror Image Francisco Lindor/Orlando Arcia Christian Yelich/Alex Kirilloff Jason Heyward/Corey Ray '96 Bowman's Best Hank Aaron Yoan...
  19. pmanningsfan73

    Base Fillers FT or Sale.

    Looking to move my base cards. Will trade for PC Inserts &/or Parallels. Below is the particular page to my base cards. This is only for Base & Set needs.
  20. pmanningsfan73

    Opened my first blaster of Platinum this year. Not bad

    So I've hesitent on busting any Platinum because I have no use for prospects but today while at WallyWorld I gave in to temptation. Needless to say I may fork out the bread for 1 hobby box pretty soon. Below are the RCs & such from my lonely ol blaster. Thanks for looking! 2016 Bowman Platinum...