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  1. Tennelson55

    sports collectibles crisis confronting top grader PSA & top eBay seller PWCC a few of you may know a little about the psa/pwcc scandals but hopefully there are more answers tomorrow morning about them...
  2. Tennelson55

    pwe/low end trading

    hey guys, i'm looking to trade these cards for the following sets 98-99 topps east/west 04-05 black diamond gemography autos 09-10 certified base, red, blue and inserts 10-11 donruss retail only sparkles 11-12 limited xrc non autos 12-13 brilliance spellbound letters plmk if you need anything...
  3. Tennelson55

    selling rcs inserts refractors #'d cards and a few autos/patches

    contact me with questions!
  4. Tennelson55

    looking for ny giants topps chrome refractors

    i'm trading for a majority of new york giants topps chrome refractors from all years 2007 and up. contact me if you have any and thanks!
  5. Tennelson55

    trading or selling baseball base cards!

    i have a few hundered base cards from the 80's and 90's that are just sitting in a box. if you'd like to trade i'm open to basketball base! i can also sell for shipping plus a few dollars. i'm looking to ship in a flat rate box (pretty sure i've got enough for a medium flat rate. lmk and thanks!
  6. Tennelson55

    Cowboys, Ravens and 49er FS

    Please add $2.50 to ship. Larry Allen 13 Hall of Fame Class of 2013 Auto - $36 Ravens chrome lot - 12 Flacco red #13/25 Rice black #151/299 Rice prizm #183/260 Rice NT #43/99 Rice 1000 yard club Quinton Patton #11/90 jersey numbered auto - 14 Keller RPM patch blue sp rc #032/100 - $3...
  7. Tennelson55

    (2) 09 baseball becket guides fs/ft

    i've got two 2009 baseball beckets that i don't have any use for. i'm either looking to trade/sell each at five dollars plus shipping costs. let me know if you're interested and thanks!
  8. Tennelson55

    red chrome raven lot, jets and 49er 1/1

    Please add 2.50 to for shipping. Take the lot for 24 shipped. Ravens chrome lot - 12 Flacco red #13/25 Rice black #151/299 Rice prizm #183/260 Rice NT #43/99 Rice 1000 yard club Jets - 8 Keller RPM patch blue sp #032/100 Decker RC Jumbo Jersey/Patch SP #08/25 Quinton Patton #11/90 jersey...
  9. Tennelson55

    ravens chrome lot, 49ers jersey #, jets rpm

    Please add 2.50 to for shipping Ravens chrome lot - 12 Flacco red #13/25 Rice black #151/299 Rice prizm #183/260 Rice NT #43/99 Rice 1000 yard club Jets - 8 Keller RPM patch blue sp #032/100 Decker RC Jumbo Jersey/Patch SP #08/25 Quinton Patton #11/90 jersey numbered auto - 15
  10. Tennelson55

    12-13 Brilliance Spellbound set want list

    Hey guys, I'm looking to put together the 12-13 Brilliance Spellbound Letter Set. It will probably take some time, but here's what I need 2, 3, 10, 16, 17, 18, 19, 36, 41, 42, 45, 47, 54, 59, 61, 64, 65, 67, 68, 79, 84, 93, 95, 100. Let me know if you have anything and right now looking to...
  11. Tennelson55

    Lot fs - bridgewater, Keller, Elam patch, autos

    30 dlvd for everything. please post if interested. thanks!
  12. Tennelson55

    bucket ft! low end inserts, rc and #'d ft

    considering the basketball side of thebench doesn't get much attention, i'd like to make some basketball trades! cmb and let me know if anything interests you!
  13. Tennelson55

    snail sales

    might as well try and sell something on this hot and humid day feel free to make offers if you don't like the price/lot. add 2.57 to ship in bubble or 1.25 pwe (please pm for exact shipping method if you have questions) Josh smith 04-05 fleer signings of the times rc auto #/100 $6 Darren...
  14. Tennelson55

    baseball ft lowend for basketball/football

    looking to get rid of it all. check the sub albums and see if you need anything. lmk and thanks. best item is a cabrera #/55 ssp ticketstub...
  15. Tennelson55

    last of my football fs, demarco, hernandez, mayo, gates autos

    looking to sell the rest of my football :( FEEL FREE TO OFFER time to move on. please make offers. hernandez 15 dlvd murray on card auto #/150 40 dlvd gates on card auto(not in a rush to move b.c of hof status) - 15 dlvd mayo 6 dlvd pwe shipping and the rest of my football is fs...
  16. Tennelson55

    selling the rest of my baseball

    looking to sell these at 70 for all obo FEEL FREE TO OFFER #/250 jumbo gu auto #/699 #/25 SSP triple gu auto on card auto thome #/50 with stitching on the side #/130 SP with stitching on the side TRIPLE CROWN winner :) #/55 SSP ticketstub gu, extremely rare i also don't...
  17. Tennelson55

    30$ gets you the following

    #/25 triple relic auto hof gu w/ pinstripe hof gu w/ pintstripe #/170 future hofer? probably and #/200 WS MVP pp gift as payment or you pay the fees. thanks
  18. Tennelson55

    miggy, jordan zimmerman, clippard, michael young fs/ft for basketball

    Zimmerman sold! #/25 #/55 #/130 #/50 #/125 lmk if you can use anything and hopefully we get a deal done!
  19. Tennelson55

    joe mauer/johan and morneau sale!

    and then this #7/25 (mauers number :flex:) well i'm looking to sell both or trade for 09-10 certified basketball. looking for 3.50 on the morneau and then the mauer could go for 16 obo. if buying i would prefer gift and prices are including shipping:D or both for 18
  20. Tennelson55

    topps 2012 ft

    i've got these ft. 40,97,105,115,149,166,180,202,237,240,329 also golden greats #49 sandy koufax. looking for basketball, new york giants or red sox. thanks for the time