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  1. bmike1983

    2021 Topps Series 1

    Would like to trade for the remaining cards I need to complete Series 1. List of needs are below followed by Series 1 cards I have for trade. Needs : 3,4,5,6,10,11,17,24,27,31,36,40,42,45,46,48,52,5354,57,62,63,65,66,76,78,83,84,85,87,93,94,95...
  2. bmike1983

    WTB / WTTF 2019 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor

    ISO 2019 Topps Chrome Pink Refractors. Open to trading or buying. List with names and numbers below. Please post a list of Numbers or Names with PRICE or what you would like in trade.. Thank you Mike 2019 Topps Chrome Pink Needs 117 - Ronald Acuna Jr
  3. bmike1983

    2019 and 2020 Topps Chrome Pink

    Would like to put these 2 sets to bed. I know on the 2020 I need a few big names and will pay for those. Can trade or buy depending on price. 2019 Pink Needs : 20,28,44,54,73,90,116,117,126,135,141,163,175,192,200 2020 Pink Needs : 8,45,60,84,95,111,116,137,146,148,150,170,200
  4. bmike1983

    2020 Topps CHrome Pink LTB / LTT

    I need the Following 2020 Topps Chrome Pink Refractors. Will buy if the price is right or trade. Thanks and happy trading 8 Brendan Mckay 14 Archie Bradley 15 David Peralta 43 Dylan Cease 44 German Marquez 50 Aaron Judge 60 Luis Robert 68 Blake Snell 84 Fernando Tatis Jr 94 Tommy Edman...
  5. bmike1983

    2019 and 2020 Topps Chrome Pink refractors

    My needs list are below. I would prefer to trade but can buy as a last resort. Please list what you have for me with what team / player you would be interested in. 2019 - 17,18,20,28,44,54,55,59,73,90,116,117,126,135,163,175,177,181,192,200 2020 - 8,14,15,16,21,43,44,47,49,50,51...
  6. bmike1983

    Want to Trade for Auto letter cards

    In need of the following letters. Would like Only from baseball and cards to be autographed. Players do not matter would prefer the cheaper ones. I have gu, autos, rcs, refractors to trade and will consider buying if the deal is good. Thanks in advance for your time in looking for the letters...
  7. bmike1983

    2018 Topps Chrome Pink refractor

    NOT UPDATE Needs are listed below. I can buy or trade. Would prefer to trade but will buy for the right price. 14,31,57,60,70,75,77,81,86,89,102,103,109,111,118,151
  8. bmike1983

    ISO Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina GU, Refractors, Auto, #/ed, A&G minis

    Title says it all. I have $100 to spend on those needs. Please post Price and pic if you can. Thanks Mike
  9. bmike1983

    Autos Game Used Refractors Minis FS ( Will be updating and adding to the list )

    Looking to clean up the collection and move some cards. Payment options available : Paypal : Cashapp : $mosc842 Cash Money Order Personal Check Shipping options available : First class bubble mailer with tracking up to 6oz $3 Priority shipping ( Preferred for $50 and...
  10. bmike1983

    2018 Topps Chrome Pink refractor

    I would like to finish this set up and move on to the next. Prefer to trade as funds are tight at the moment. I have quite a bit to trade autos, gu, rookies, refractors, etc Cards Needed : 1,14,31,57,60,70,75,77,81,86,89,102,103,109,111,118,151
  11. bmike1983

    WTTF 2016 MLB Debut Medallions

    I need the rest. I have Game used / refractors / autos / rookies. Not looking to buy these would rather trade. Thanks Mike I currently have : Troy Tulowitzki McCutchen J. Robinson J. Upton Cabrera Harvey Howard Braun Koufax Paige Cespedes Bench Gwynn Seaver Wright McGwire Bagwell Moustakas...
  12. bmike1983

    FS 2015 / 2017 Topps Chrome Refractors / Inserts

    Sorted by teams. Cards will be 25% of book value + shipping. Shipping starts at 2.65 bubblemailer etc. Below the cards are listed by team and insert sets. Prices are 25% of Book value. Card Books for $1.00 = .25 is cost. Shipping will be calculated and added to the total. Any questions ask...
  13. bmike1983

    Back after a few years off !

    Well after taking a few years off from the hobby and leaving most of my collection with my nephew who no longer is interested in collecting I am back looking to build a small collection for my son. In the past I did some dumb things on the bench and to my knowledge cleared that up a couple years...
  14. bmike1983

    2015 Topps Chrome Pink Refractors

    I am looking to buy or trade for 2015 Topps Chrome Pink Refractors. I have the following and need the rest. I have a few cards of 2015 Topps chrome, Bowman Chrome, and Heritage High Numbers for Trade. I also have tons other to trade just leave a want list and I will list what I have...
  15. bmike1983

    FS / FT Autos, GU, Inserts, Rookies, Minis etc...

    Below is a list of cards for sale or trade. Dont really have a needs list would look through a list or a bucket when trading. I trade by BV. Cards I would be interested in trading for are Yadier Molina, Pujols, any thing that catches my eye or bobbleheads. I ship in Bubble mailers with in 1 day...
  16. bmike1983

    Triple Threads Base and A few randomAutos and Game Used Cards FS !!! Deals

    I am motivated to sell these cards quickly. I am accepting paypal and ship out next day. Shipping will be added to how many you buy. The more you buy the better the deal. The price listed is what I want some cards are negotionable. Pictures available upon request no scanner so they will be from...
  17. bmike1983

    Opening up the Vault Babe Ruth / Lou Gehrig Auto, Ozzie Smith Auto, Pujols and More

    I am going to offer this card up for sale that has never been for sale since it was pulled last year. It has been packed away since last year. I will offer it up for sale here before it heads to Beckett auction. All the other cards are best offer if you do not like the price listed. Pictures...
  18. bmike1983

    Bring me your HOF AUTOS

    Alright. Now that I am getting back into collecting I am going to start a HOF Auto PC. I am looking for 1 auto of each and may upgrade along the way. I do have some autos to trade but not alot of stars or other HOF. I am a realist and know this will be a marathon not a sprint. I will be looking...
  19. bmike1983

    Looking For Albert Pujols

    Sold off most of my Pujols collection and looking to rebuild part of it. Please list what you have and what you are looking for in return. Autos/Gu/#ed/Base etc... Thanks Side note : I need all 2011-2014 for sure
  20. bmike1983

    Save Money and a Trip to PO

    Have not seen this on the site so thought maybe share and get more people trading. All you need is a Printer, Paypal account, scale ( 5-10 bucks on amazon or a food scale from walmart would work), a paper cutter and tape. I ship first class through paypal that comes with free DC for 1.93 a...