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  1. richloughlin

    The State of The Hobby

    I'm probably the granddaddy of the posters here, but I remember back in the mid 1960's, there were no jumbo packs or blaster boxes; much less a Target or Wal-Mart to buy them from. We mainly bought our cards from small candy and grocery stores in small packs (five cents for five cards). My Mom...
  2. richloughlin

    WTTF: Bowman's Best Baseball Parallels and Inserts

    Bill: I have these: 2015 85 Bowman's Best (88/150) Aroldis Chapman 2019 FF0NH Bowman's Best Future Foundations Nico Hoerner 2017 MI-20 Bowman's Best Mirror Image Carlos Correa/Royce Lewis 2016 MI-10 Bowman's Best Mirror Image Christian Yelich/Alex Kirilloff 2016 MI-19 Bowman's Best...
  3. richloughlin

    Entire Collection For Sale

    DeWayne: I'd would be interested in insert cards over the past few years. Would prefer to do a flat-rate box sale if you have that many and if the price is right. Let me know. Thanks, Rich
  4. richloughlin

    Looking for 2021 Dylan Carlson

    I have a 2021 Topps Heritage #296 (In Action) Rookie Card.
  5. richloughlin

    Trading for Vladimir Guerrero Sr.

    Let me know if you have any interest in these: 1997 137 Pinnacle Certified (2939/3999) Platinum Red Vladimir Guerrero 1997 1 Fleer Circa Fast Track Vladimir Guerrero 1997 HC17 Upper Deck Hot Commodities Vladimir Guerrero 1997 4 Fleer Metal Universe Mining For Gold Vladimir Guerrero...
  6. richloughlin

    WTTF: Detroit Tigers Prospects/RCs

    I have these: 2018 FF-DET Bowman Chrome Prospects Franchise Futures Casey Mize/Kody Clemens 2018 RV-MS Bowman Chrome Recommended Viewing Casey Mize/Brady Singer 2020 65 Panini Diamond Kings Red Frame Willi Castro 2016 TP31 Bowman's Best Top Prospects Matt Manning 2016 TP31 Bowman's...
  7. richloughlin

    2021 Topps Inserts and Base FT, Updated With More Inserts

    Hi: I need the following singles to complete my Series 1 set. Let me know what you would consider in trade (including football and basketball as well. THANKS>>>>>rich 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 12 14 22 23 25 26 30 31 32 35 41 43 47 48 56 57 61 64 75 78 89 92 97 102 107 109 113 122 123 125 126 133 139...
  8. richloughlin

    WTTF 2021 Topps Silver Pack Cards

    Dennis: RE: 2021 Topps inserts Can you PM me a list of what you have. You can disregard the 52' redux inserts. Thanks, Rich
  9. richloughlin

    WTTF 2021 Topps Silver Pack Cards

    Dennis: Do you have any 2021 Topps inserts?
  10. richloughlin

    19 and 20 A & G needed u/d 3/14

    Hi: I have over 500 singles from 2020. Let me know which numbers you still need and I'll see if I have any of them. Thanks, Rich
  11. richloughlin

    Looking for Current Orioles!

    Hi: I have these: 2019 PPP23 Bowman Platinum Prismatic Prodigies Yusniel Diaz 2018 205 Stadium Club Austin Hays RC 2017 TP-BAL Bowman Chrome Talent Pipeline Cory Sedlock/Chris Lee/Chance Sisco
  12. richloughlin

    WTT/WTB 2020 Topps Update

    Hi: I have these two if you still need them: 2020 U293 Topps Update Rainbow Foil Mike King RC 2020 U8 Topps Update Rainbow Foil Buster Posey
  13. richloughlin

    Looking for 2021 Topps inserts and rainbows

    I have these two Rainbow cards: 2021 73 Topps Rockies Team Card 2021 104 Topps Kenta Maeda Rich
  14. richloughlin

    Looking to Buy Prince Fielder cards.

    I have these for Prince Fielder: 2004 Just Prospects Preview 2 Prince Fielder 2005 265 Upper Deck Reflections Prince Fielder 2006 639 Topps Prince Fielder RC 2006 41 Upper Deck Artifacts Prince Fielder RC 2007 16 Topps Allen & Ginter Dick Perez Sketches Prince Fielder...
  15. richloughlin

    WTTF 2021 Topps Silver Pack Cards

    Dennis: I have these two below if you still need them: 86BC-52 Monte Harrison - Miami Marlins RC 86BC-92 Luis Garcia - Washington Nationals RC Rich
  16. richloughlin

    WTB 1970 Topps Baseball

    I have this one if you still need it: 1970 631 Topps Team Card A's
  17. richloughlin

    Vintage Football Wanted.. 1950's and 1960's.

    Greg: Let me know if you can use any of these and I'll check up on their condition. I'd like to trade vintage baseball for these. Rich 1967 30 Philadelphia Dick Gordon 1967 39 Philadelphia Gary Collins 1967 62 Philadelphia Roger Brown 1968 139 Topps John Brodie 1968 93...
  18. richloughlin

    1977 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Wanted EX-MT-NM

    I have this one. Looking for 1960's or 1970's Topps. 1977 143 O-Pee-Chee Rod Carew
  19. richloughlin

    1961 Topps Baseball

    Larry: I have these two if you still need them. Do you have a trade list for 1962 Topps? 1961 271 Topps Jim Landis 1961 352 Topps Bob Shaw
  20. richloughlin

    WANTED: 2017-2019 Donruss Football Base Lot

    Jeremy: Do you have any baseball to trade? Rich