oddly enough , i found out something slightly different....at first i entered just two forum numbers : 69 for autographs and 145 for bench sim league....it DID block SOME threads in the sub-forums of those two categories , but it didn't catch ALL of them....not sure why it "selectively" or "randomly" excluded some but let others through , but i HAVE now put in all the sub-forum numbers for both of those categories and at least so far they are now properly excluded....if your issue (limited field for input of forum numbers) is intentional or the field can't be expanded , it sure would be nice if they could find a way to get the one major forum number to work as a way to block numerous sub-forums in one fell swoop without having to add each sub-forum number

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Using Autographs as an example, entering the main forum number 69 doesn't do anything except use up limited space in the field. You have to enter 32, 67, 68, and 153 to exclude all autograph forums.