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    Welcome back.

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    Go to collectorskip's ebay items

    You'll enjoy it here. Great people and lots of fun.

    As for your questions, I think you could build the sets you are looking for by trading what you have for what you want. You may have to pick through your inventory from the "junk years" to find someone's wants, but (at least to me) that's part of the intrigue of this hobby.

    My theory on vintage is that, even in off condition, they are more valuable than current cards, and certainly than the junk years. I'd be reluctant to trade them for what more current sets (80's to present) you are trying to bulid. There are tons of those early 80's to present out there, and when trading a vintage, you'll get the value knocked down based on condition. Just my thoughts.

    As for pages/binders, all of my set PC (you can see what I have by viewing "My Collection" on my Homepage - i.e. every Topps set from '52-present, 52, 53, 54, 55 Bowman, 59, 60, 63 Fleer, +++ and that's just in baseball) are in pages in binders. Years ago this may not have been advisable because the pages contained a chemical that was not friendly to cards, but that has changed. Just get yourself good pages ( the Ultra Pro Platinum are great). Depending on the set size and whether you are going to chase inserts, you can use a 2" or 3" binder.

    Good luck, and let me know when you are ready to start trading. I have tons of stuff for you!

    Happy trading!
    Quote Originally Posted by MrPrez2k5 View Post
    Hello..I joined this forum back in 2005. A little history about me and card collecting.

    I was an avid collector back in the early to mid 90's when I was in my early teens. I collected mostly baseball & football but do have some hockey and basketball as well.

    My dad and I would go to sports card shows so we were able to collect a lot of vintage cards for little cost. Granted the cards are not in the best shape but it's nice to have some 50's and 60's of HOF's despite the value of them.

    I'd say I probably have over 100k just sitting in my office. I've thought of trying to sell a lot of these but not sure it's really going to make me any money.

    I have a lot of sets built but unfortunately they are of late 80's and early 90's and I know how the market was flooded with these.

    So here I am stuck with many thousands of cards. Granted, I have always been a collector of Dodgers/Dolphins and have made custom binders full of these cards.

    I'm looking for ideas on what I might be able to do to make use of all of these cards. Again, I have boxes of just common cards so sending them by postage really isn't profitable at all. I'm wondering what I could do with them? Looking for ideas on stuff I could develop into hobbies.

    I also have thought of getting back into the hobby and focusing on primarily collecting Dodgers cards (maybe Dolphins?) and Topps Baseball. I probably have every set from 1986 through 1996 Topps. I've thought of trying to have the set of every year since I was born (early 80's). This could be something I could continue to do each year and look forward to it. Having a job now as opposed to a teenager makes it much easier to collect cards..even though the price has increased for smaller quantities of cards.

    But if I decided to built sets of Topps for many years I almost think I'd want to put them in binders. Now, I know putting cards in the 9 slot page sleeves isn't the best for the condition but if I'm not going to sell these I question if it really matters? I think it might be cool to have a long line of binders noted for each year of Topps. I could even had some info from the season to go with each binder (season stats, records, awards etc..).

    So again, I am looking for some feed back on my ideas and any other ideas that can some what make use of a collection that probably isn't easy to give away.

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    Question fellas.

    So I'm going through 1988 Topps and made sure they are all there, 792 cards. Now I plan on putting them in binders but to keep it interesting I'm going to put them together by teams.

    Should I put teams in order by division or by record? With the World Series winner first, WS loser next, etc..? Or put them in by division? It's interesting because right now I'm only dealing with 26 teams.

    I also plan to type up some literature and maybe find some nice pictures to print out and put in the binder to go along with the season. Things like season leaders in certain stats, standings, and anything interesting.

    This would be a new hobby but I think it could also help sell them later on. My purpose isn't to make money but of course it may come a day when I need to sell this stuff off and if I have put something cool together like this I might be able to sell of easier. I know Topps 88 is really probably not worth the material its made of except a few cards. But again, if it's all in a binder I think it would be easier to sell if it came with some what of a history lesson of the 1988 season.

    Also thinking of getting some kind of small stickers to put on the outside of the of the pages to signify Cy Young winner, MVP and maybe even somebody who made it to the Hall of Fame.

    I collect Miami Dolphins & LA Dodgers sports cards. I have thousands upon thousands of cards to trade and sell.

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    welcome back


    looking for 72, topps football

    RIP Mr Fatboycards
    You may have left us way to early but you will never be forgoten

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