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Hope you are staying safe.

If these are the "Flame" parallel version, shiny foil parallel of the base set, I can use most of these.

2017 Fire - 8,13,16,22,26,47,55,79,99,129,130,134,14 9,152,190,200

Can definitely use these.
Blue parallel-85 W Davis
M-40 Jeter Captain Clutch
Walk it off WO-4 K Davis

Please let me know on the Flames, and I'll start digging to see what I can find for you.
Thanks, Al
Al, I'm certain the cards are not "Flames", I believe the only shiny foil ones I have are what I described as the "Blue"....however I would trade the cards you mentioned for the these 2 I found on your site. Masterpieces Green Frame #9 & #74 lmk your thoughts