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    It makes a person wonder...

    ... if ANYONE at Topps is paying attention to quality control!

    I just opened two boxes of Series 2. Came up about 20 cards short of a second set (that's another story), but get this...

    Pulled the appropriate number of autos, relics, etc., but two things struck me as weird:

    1) Each jumbo pack had a 2030 subset card in it. The ones from box #2 DUPLICATED the ones from box #1, right down to the sequence!

    2) The '85 relics (one in each box) say on the back, in bold red print,

    "CONGRATULATIONS! You have just received a 1985 Topps Baseball Relic Card from 2020 Topps Baseball... Series ONE!" (Note: The numbering is different from the Series 1 relics)

    What the heck??? Is anyone in that place paying attention? How can something like this slide through without SOMEBODY saying "uh, guys... this ain't right..."

    Rant over. Thanks for listening (or reading),
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    I hear ya barking my friend. It's pretty ridiculous. Like I said in my thread about the same type of thing, it seems pretty sad that if you see a certain pattern in the pack you open, it's going to be about half of the same cards.
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    As long as Topps is the only game in town, they can be lazy like this. This is why the 80s were a wakeup call when Donruss and Fleer (and especially when Upper Deck) came along.

    Lazy collation especially sucks. That's a tough one, Dan.

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    Wow! Your 100% correct on the 1985 relic card of Noah Syndergaard Mets......from series one! Best regards, David
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