Review 09 Topps Heritage High Number Series

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
09 Topps Heritage High Number Series​

24 packs - 8 cards per pack
6 Heritage High Number cards + 2 Updates & Highlights & 1 stick of gum

'Real One Autograph or Relic in Every Box'

At this writing, there is no info on on this issue.

I received the following:

118 High Number cards - no dupes!!
48 Update & Highlight cards - no dupes!!



This issue is a continuation of the earlier set this year in the same format as the original 1960 set ( one of my favorites!) The SP's are on darker card stock and are easy to spot.

Get my gripe out of the box early..... Why oh Why are we again getting 48 (2 per pack) Update and Highlight cards? They have already been issued on their own. If more cards are needed for the box, then put a few more vets in the set for goodness sake!!! OK, I'm off my soapbox!


8 SP's


Chrome Parallels - #ed to 1960


Garko, Francoeur, LaPorta, A. Jones, Wood, Bard, Happ, Zobrist, Uehara, N. Cruz

Flashback, Rookie Performers, Then & Now

Helton, Giambi
J. Zimmerman, C. Rasmus
Maris/Pedroia, Banks/Young


Box Topper(s)

Buy Back


Joe Cunningham

3 in 1 card


(Still don't know what to do with these cards....)

Game Used


Ryan Braun


Great extension to the base set.... lots of rookies in the High Number Series.

We do need a SP list - the last 30 or so cards in the set. The '60 set is one of my favorites of the vintage sets and this current set does the vintage set proud. The folks at Topps got the cards right!!

I also like the chrome parallels - might prove to be one heck of a hill to climb to collate a set of these, but what the heck.. someone needs to try. If you really want a challenge, try for a set of the refractors... they are numbered to only 560.

Overall grade A--- I really like the set, just not the addition of the Update & Highlights to every pack!!

Go buy several boxes and send the Longoria, D. Price, and Gordon Beckham cards to me!!


this would have been a lot more attractive box busting if Topps had just put one auto and one relic in every box instead of the either/or

they need to get with the game...with most companies putting 3 to 4 hits in a box ...if you don't have at least one auto in the box these days it pretty much sucks.
This is one of my favorite designs!

Don't understand why they are putting U&H in these packs!!!

Pull any of these?

524 525 531 533 535 536 543 546 549 564 577 580 581 622 623 671 681 685

Thanks Duane.