1/5 - some local area lovin'!

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4.90 star(s)
Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
Matt Mieske
19 days

Mr. T's Comment: Many of you are probably wondering who is this guy? Well don't check wikipedia, as it tells you almost nothing on him.

Matt was a guy struggling to stay in the majors from 93-00, going through 5 teams in that time. Retirement at 28 was for him, and now he is back home in Midland, MI as a certified financial planner. He also did the color commentary for the MWL ASG '08 in Midland (home of the Loons) and I thought he did well for no real previous experience. So go ahead, send to him, he is never too busy to sign his mail!
Very cool return! I remember Matt Mieske, there was some hype surrounding him early on and I always hoped he would start off as a Helena Brewer so I could see him, but it never came to be. I will definitely send him a couple cards!
Congrats on the return. Mieske was one of the better Western Michigan Broncos to make it to the show in quite some time.