1 auto, 1 GU, 1 RTS


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First, I got a SASE back in the mail today and got excited since it was the only one that I had. I ripped it open and had a hand written note from Ed Kirkpatrick from the Texas Rangers saying that the picture on the custom cards were not of him :( He sent all customs back, but didn't have anything signed from him. Bill - anyway to see if there was another Kirkpatrick that played for Texas?

Got a GU card of Mark Teixeira via purchase from scott2388

Yesterday I got a "SASE" but not in my handwriting. I opened it up and found a card signed by Stan Lee that I had previously asked jrchoholic83 about...he sent it as a free card, thanks a lot man, you rock!! :D


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Andrew sorry to hear that, I checked & only one Ed Kirkpatrick comes up so I did another custom after making sure of the teams & years. the photos not the greatest but here ya go :