1 pack each - 2014 Topps Series I/2014 Topps Chrome


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Was out with the family on Saturday and my son found a couple boxes of cards in a bookstore - he asked if he could have two packs - who am I to say no to his enthusiasm for baseball cards. So he picked out two packs and opened them up in the back seat on the way home.

Asked him how the cards were from the drivers seat - good dad, got a couple Phillies. That is all he said.

The packs:
2014 Topps Series I:
57 yadier molina
122 jonathan papelbon
123 james paxton
179 gerrit cole - future stars
182 carlos ruiz
221 brian dozier
249 heath hembree
265 yordano ventura rc
325 trevor plouffe

2 jhonny peralta - red hot foil

2014 Topps Chrome
40 wilin rosario
81 kevin siegrist rc
83 jon lester


AU - AS Aaron Sanchez RC #'d 381/499...he didn't know how cool a pull it was.

He got the same number of AU's in two packs that I got in two boxes of A/G.

Don't think any of it is for trade, he seems pretty attached to it all - just wanted to share that there are younger collectors out there, excited about the hobby!