10/25 - 10/30: 3 Returns, 1 Trade

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Jul 9, 2010
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Rhode Island, USA
I was especially glad to get a couple of Team Leaders cards back this week, since I've been having pretty lousy luck with them so far, even among guys who are usually pretty reliable (Bob Boone, Matt Young, Buck Rodgers, Ron Perranoski). But I haven't given up on them completely yet.


2.5-month wait for these (longest so far). They came back with matching dings in the lower LH corner--no big deal. But unfortunately, the TL card also picked up a faint crease about 1" long. It's only visible on the back, but still, I think I may try him again with a new one next season. I hate to double-dip, and if that were Al Nipper or Tim Lollar out there with him, I probably wouldn't even bother. But it's not--it's Tom Seaver, and I hope to get him to sign it one day, too. That'll have to happen at a signing, which will be expensive, and it just seems crazy to spend that much to get a HOFer to sign a creased and dinged card. :(

Also, someone told me a little while ago that McNamara hasn't signed in a few years because of poor health. Can anyone confirm that, or has anyone had any recent success with him?


This one was a slightly-odd success, only because along with the 2 signed cards, he also sent my letter back. I opened it figuring he'd written a note back on it, or was asking for a donation to a charity, but no--he just folded it all up (a couple of extra times, to fit inside the smaller SASE) and sent it back to me. First time I've ever had that happen.

Apparently Mike LaValliere is pretty hit-or-miss, so I'm not sure if I'll bother sending this off to him or not...


And got this in a trade with kugelmanco: