12/20 - A little early for this Saint + a 50/50 back

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
This guy I think we know plenty about, so I'll get right to it.

Josh Hamilton - Rangers address
1/2 - returned other
130 days

Mr. T's Comment: Hamilton did sign the 07 Turkey Red and not the 07 Masterpieces, probably due to the rooms full of mail he probably has by now. I conducted an experiment with the Hambone: I sent to the Rangers and his home (NC) on the same day to see which would come back first. I have my answer!

I now have a Hamilton available from a trade I made with somebody months ago. Picture is available under the "For Trade" section of the TTM collection.

50/50 return:

Rafael Betancourt 06 Topps
Rafael Betancourt 08 UD 1st Edition
Matt Joyce 06 Bowman Prospects
Jack Wilson 09 Topps

Mr. T's Comment: This was from another site, but I would not recommend this user. I sent him 200+ cards to get signed and this was all I got back signed. I also had to file a dispute and someone else called his mother before everybody's items were shipped back. At least it wasn't a total loss of my time, but if he comes here I will make sure to step in.
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