12 cards for a 250 card 2000 Fleer Focus Masterpiece mania set (each card #d 300)


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Fleer Focus 2000 Masterpiece Mania Set (each #d to 300) Want List (Updated 12/2/2020)
(12 cards to go out of 250 for complete set…238/250 so far)
1(Nomar Garciaparra), 11(Derek Jeter), 107(Jim Thome), 117(Aaron Sele), 134(Jeff Bagwell), 168(Frank Thomas), 185(Cal Ripken, Jr,), 218(Barry Bonds), 238(Vernon Wells), 240(Adam Kennedy), 247(Eric Munson), 250(Josh Beckett)

Any help out there?
Will also pay a buck each and SASE at my risk for almost any other 2000 Fleer Focus manias #d to 300
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