$160 trade received in a PWE


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My cards got to you safe and sound. Yet, you have to air your issues like some social dilemma. At the expense of sounding infantile, give it a rest.


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This has been addressed on The Bench before:
Of course, times have changed since this thread was started with postal prices climbing, but some of the suggestions here are worth heeding.


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$160 in pwe is bizarre,I agree, but I'd argue that $20 - $30 or even $50 in *well secured* pwe isn't so crazy. in 3 months I've made a little over 100 trades, almost all in PWE. as far as I know, I am batting 1.000, but I;m sure I just jinxed it.

Anyway, 100 2 ounce stamps is $75. bubble mailers cost me about $4, or $400 for 100 packages.

$400 - $75 = $325 postage saved. even if a couple get lost or damaged, and I paypal you to make you whole (or mail your cards back), I come out way ahead.

that said, I do ask if PWE/bubble preferred on book > $30, and totally respect my trading partner's preference.

and now that I'm doing math on here, I need to go to bed :)

PS - fun fact, I had to google what PWE and DLVD meant when I first got on here.

PPS - not so fun fact: who puts a loose card (not even penny sleeve) in a pwe? had one on here, and one on ebay, do this.
Buying in bulk isn't for everyone, but I just bought 500ct #000 4x8 kraft bubble mailers for $69.95 shipped on ebay. You can buy lesser quantities too. 100ct is $24.95.

Like you said, it still costs significantly more to actually mail, but at least buying in bulk helps save some cost on them.