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1959 Topps PSA graded 9's & 8's FS - PSA Registry cards


5.00 star(s)
I am liquidating my 1959 Topps PSA Registry cards and I am offering them up for sale to anyone that may be interested in starting their own PSA Registry set. There are some very nice cards in this lot, with some very low population cards. The first value after the listed card is the SMR (Sport Market Report) value as listed in PSA. The second value is the DLVD price that I am looking to sell. The last two numbers are the population for that particular card in that grade/and the number of cards that are higher. As you can see, there are some low numbers for some of the cards and in some cases there are no PSA 10's graded.

This lot would make a great start to someone interested in starting their PSA Registry set.

LMK if interested.


1959 Topps 44 Vito Valentinetti $135 ($100) – 26/1 PSA 9
1959 Topps 58 Eddie Miksis $135 ($100) – 19/0 PSA 9
1959 Topps 96 Lou Berberet $135 ($100) – 20/0 PSA 9
1959 Topps 383 Words of Wisdom (Stengel/Larsen) $300 ($220) – 21/0 PSA 9
1959 Topps 424 Ken Aspromonte $110 ($70) - 46/3 PSA 9
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