1966 High Grade Higher numbers and Variations


4.90 star(s)
Decided to make available some of my extras from when I built my sets. Some are double buys and others were just upgrades cuz of centering. Kinda tells ya how nice. Also have a couple variations here. Scans available by request with email addy to send to. PMs are best contact.

104-Alex Johnson NO TRADE Ex+-ExMt- (touched corners)- $18
80-Dick Allen Nm - $8
511-Giants RC Tito Fuentes/Bob Barton Nm/Mt- $9
569-Leon McFarlane Nm/Mt to Nm/Mt- $24 SOLD
576-Dave Nicholson SHORT PRINT Nm/Mt to Nm/Mt- $32
517- "White Sox" Variation Unmarked Checklist...SHARP corners but small
crease/wrinkle from border to the "T" in Topps....$7 SOLD
43-Don Landrum "Black Button" Variation...light rubber band indentation on
the left border and slight on right.- $3

PMs best for contact as work keeps me from getting here often.