1974 Topps Starter Set Available - 401 different cards

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For anyone looking to get a nice start on a vintage set, I have 401 different 1974 Topps baseball available for trade or sale. It's a nice looking set, and pretty easy to put together since it's not too expensive and there are only a handful of pricey star cards with no scarce high number series or anything like that.

This includes 41 different cards from 1974 Topps Traded (out of 44), and 360 different from the base set (our of 660). Mostly commons and a few minor stars mixed in. There are some (maybe 20?) that are VG or so, but probably more than that that would be NrMt so I'd say the average is ExMt condition.

The complete base set plus Traded set books for $420 so I'd probably be looking at a trade value on it of about $140 (shipped) or I'd sell it for $50 delivered.

Let me know if you're interested. Thanks,