1977 Sports Deck

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Sep 23, 2006
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Curious is anyone is familiar with this set. It's a deck of playing cards from 1977 and it has baseball players on the back of the cards. I've aquired a Stan Musial 8 of Diamonds and a Lou Gehrig 5 of Hearts. Both are graded Gem Mint 10 by FGS (Finest Grading Service), which probably means an 8 to a 9from Beckett. The cards appear to be flawless and never played or shuffled.

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They were made by the Cubic Corporation. The decks all had one player on the back, meaning the entire deck had the same player on the back. Decks were made of Bench, Gehrig, Catfish Hunter, Randy Jones, Mantle, Butch Metzger, Joe Morgan, Musial, Jackie Robinson, Rose, Ruth, Seaver, Tanana and one listed as Phillies/Autographs. I would assume that has the Phillies logo along with facsimile autos.

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They were produced by Cubic Corp out of San Diego. At one point in the past, my company was one of their holdings. There are some similar Pepsi decks with Reds players (Bench, Rose, etc).

The cards were drawn by artist Alan Landsman for most or all of the subjects. Decks can be found with Jackie Robinson, Mantle, Rose, Catfish Hunter, etc. There are FB, BKB, Golf and other subjects too. I am not sure a complete list of subjects exists...but the web might prove me wrong! The baseball decks (or some of them at least) are listed in one of the big books, maybe both.

Here are some of the decks I had That I broke up for trade/sales:

mrmopar is correct. My list came from the scd big book which only lists the baseball players. The Pepsi decks, which were obtained by sending in 250 pepsi cap liners or a combo of cash and liners, were only Reds players and included Bench, Morgan and Rose.

EDIT for the PREZ: My big book (2003) has commons at 75 cents and stars anywhere from $1 (catfish) to $4 (Ruth) for singles. Stars are 30-$75 for a full boxed deck.
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I didn't have much luck getting them to sell too strongly, but I sold a few. I sold from $1-3 on ebay, but that was several years back too. I guess when you consider a full deck, that is $50-150+ per deck.

You see them in these overpriced lots, usually graded, touting ridiculously overstated "values"...such as a FGS Ruth for $1000 value!