2 2021 Topps Chrome Mega Retail + 1 2021 Topps Chrome Blaster Box (PYT) Full (Complete)


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Group Break Video

Team Randomizer

2 2021 Topps Chrome Mega Retail Boxes. 10 packs per box, 5 cards per pack (Find 10 Exclusive X-Fractor Parallels inside, in each box)
1 2021 Topps Chrome Blaster Retail Box. 8 packs per box, 4 cards per pack (Find 2 Sepia and 2 Pink Refractors Parallels inside)

132 total cards in the break

Possibility of autographs, serial numbered, many guaranteed parallels and tons of inserts and rookies!!!

10 Spots, Pick your first team, and the other two teams will be assigned by random.
Randomization will be done once all ten spots are claimed and paid.

$26 for first spot, $25 per each additional.

1) LarryG Angels Paid Dodgers Rangers
2) jaxbraves Braves Paid Brewrs Twins
3) Steelers8873 Padres Paid A's Cubs
4) jdthakid36 White Sox Paid Mariners Cardinals
5) mcgwirenut Orioles Paid Indians Astros
6) mcgwirenut Marlins Paid Royals Diamondbacks
7) mcgwirenut Pirates Paid Red Sox Tigers
8) yankees1 Yankees Paid Giants Mets
9) jdthakid36 Nationals Paid Blue Jays Rays
10) mcgwirenut Phillies Paid Rockies Reds

Product in-hand!



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Please someone take the last spot! I hate seeing one spot remaining in a break, but also want a card off eBay and don’t have the PayPal left this week to do both!


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Break will be following the Fire break I am hosting tomorrow at 1230pm East/930 am West.

Realistically, that will be 1pm East/10 am West possibly 115/1015 depending on the length of the fire break.