2 Arrivals - 6/21 - 1 HOFer


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Raymond Berry - c/o home
13 days, 4/1
Sent to Mr. Berry in 2007, but cards were returned with a pricelist, $25 per card. Looked on SCN and it seemed like he had be signing for free lately so mailed off the card on the top left (1975 Fleer Immortals).

Also included a signed advertisement for a 2-disc DVD available on his website, www.raymondberry.com

Frankline Stubbs - c/o Inland Empire 66ers
13 days, 5/5

Returned an extra 87 Topps signed, which I included for him to keep. The extra 87 Topps is available for trade.

Lastly, my next success should be a nice little milestone reached :D


Wow! Congrats on those successes! Berry wasn't just a great player, but also a very under rated head coach. He did a brilliant job with the Pats!