2 Box 2021 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Team Group Break Filled ***Complete***Packages Mailed


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Packages have been packaged, postage applied, will go out in Tuesday's Mail! :) 06/15/21

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Live Break Video^^^^^^^^^^^^
Will attempt YouTube, but if it begins to lag, I will switch to Google Meet.
Sell sheet is attached to the bottom of this post.

Each Jumbo Box has 10 Packs with 46 Cards per pack. (thick cards will reduce cards in some packs)

Boxes have been paid and have arrived!

2 Box Team Break -> 15 Pick your team spots, 15 random teams.
$51 per spot.
When 15 spots are picked, the 15 additional teams will be randomized after they are paid for in full.

1) seawolf17 Mets paid Rangers
2) dragonslayer913 Dodgers paid Twins
3) David K. Angels paid Rockies
4) LarryG Pirates paid Giants
5) bdink25 Yankees paid A's
6) pinetarboys Padres paid Brewers
7) Trishlp O's paid Astros
8) LarryG Mariners paid Indians
9) dragonfire613 White Sox paid Marlins
10) David K. Blue Jays paid Royals
11) Journeymen Braves paid Red Sox
12) Trishlp Rays paid Cardinals
13) bdink25-2 Tigers paid Phillies
14) mcgwirenut Cubs paid Reds
15) dragonslayer913 Nationals paid Diamondbacks

Random Completed.


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Lists are updated.

I'm game to do multiple 2 box team breaks to make this happen if you all would prefer that.. I just came up with a few other options for the people who were interested in something other than team breaks. This is 100% open to discussion.

I have to put the order in by May 10th. Money is not due anytime soon... So feel free to pick a spot and save up some $$.


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I have dwindled this down to 2 boxes due to a lack of interest on the others.
Strictly a team break now, 2 boxes, PYT with random extra team from the remaining teams.

Price will still be $51 for a team, but no discounts for multiples since I only bought two boxes instead of the six.


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Don't be surprised if this isn't delayed especially if Wander Franco is called up from AAA whereas Topps could should include him in the set I can only hope lol