2 WS Champions, a future First Rounder & a HOF!!

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Nov 4, 2009
Took my nephew to the batting cages tonight and he informed me he had a big day at the mailbox.For those that don't know, my 11 yr old nephew still has no clue where these arrivals are coming from...Well today was a great one indeed.

Matt Cain 1/1
Sent to ST

Roger McDowell 4/4
Former Ranger(yes he was actually a Ranger for a year) sent these back from July of 09!! I still enjoy the Seinfeld episode where he spit on Kramer...

This was probably his favorite...
UT Pitcher Taylor Jungmann 3/3 including NCAA ball w "Freshman All American" and "Hook Em" (Thanks for the custom Arron!)
another angle here...

But my favorite was this one...
Thanks to everyone for making me take a chance and getting
Ryne Sandberg 1/1 SS OMLB w "23"
no HOF inscription but it's okay...Fitting this came back the day Mr. Santo passed.
Sorry the baseball scans dont look too great!!
Anyway thanks for reading!!!
Wasn't that Keith Hernandez?

Roger McDowell 4/4
I still enjoy the Seinfeld episode where he spit on Kramer...

I remember the episode and looked it up. I guess McDowell was revealed as the spitter. I didn't remember that part. Did he appear in the episode or was he just mentioned by name?
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Fantastic day indeed!

I sent to Sandberg in Janruary and nothing, so maybe after exams are done in 10 days from now I'll try again. I also sent to Cain during ST, so hopefully I'll see mine soon too.:)
thanks...hopefully you get Cain back, i had seen a decent amount of ST returns from him this past week on other sites...as for Sandberg, the sooner the better; but i understand how those finals get in the way!!good luck Zack :)