2006 and 2009 Diamond Signatures near complete sets


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I’ve finally decided to part ways with these two beautiful sets that I’ve been trying to complete for years. The Philadelphia A'S*Historical Society produced 200 of the 2006 set and 125 of the 2009. These sets consist of many great old players, many of which are now sadly deceased. I would be willing to sell both near sets together for $325 shipped. I’d also be willing to trade for vintage or other autos.

I have a few dupes so if you’re are interested in specific cards please let me know. The near sets include the following.

2006 Diamond Signatures

Joe Astroth
Jack Baldschun
Matt Batts
Ray Coleman
Bob Dillinger
Dom DiMaggio*
Bob Doerr (HOF 86)
Dave Ferriss
Herman Franks
Bob Friend
Ned Garver
Joe Ginsberg
Don Gutteridge
Spook Jacobs
Eddie Joost
George Kell (HOF 83)
Don Lenhardt
Lou Limmer
Johnny Logan
Stan Lopata
Art Mahaffey
Babe Martin
Walt Masterson
Maje McDonnell
Gil McDougald
Sam Mele
Mel Parnell
John Pesky
Bobby Shantz
Roy Sievers
Curt Simmons
Pete Suder
Lee Thomas
Virgil Trucks
Mickey Vernon
Bill Virdon
Bill Werber
Ken Wood
Gus Zernial

2009 Diamond Signatures

Joe Astroth
Howie Bedell
Al Brancato
Lou Brissie
Putsy Caballero
Bob Cerv
Allie Clark
Ray Coleman
Joe Cunningham
Joe DeMaestri
Billy DeMars
Art Ditmar
Bobby Doerr (HOF 86)
Carl Erskine
Bob Feller (HOF 62)
Bob Friend
Ned Garver
Tony Gonzalez
Dallas Green
Don Hasenmayer
Spook Jacobs
Skeeter Kell
Jim Lonborg
Hector Lopez
Babe Martin
John Pesky
Bill Renna
Al Rosen
Bob Savage
Carl Scheib
Barney Schultz
Bobby Shantz
Roy Sievers
Curt Simmons
Virgil Trucks