2008 SP Legendary Cuts George Sisler cut auto # 4/4 FT


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Thinking about trading this would want vintage in return especially vintage RC of HOF looking for these and would want them in Nm or possibly EX-MT condition. Would want to see photos unless I have traded with you in the past and know you can tell condition. I recently traded for a Henderson RC and had many people tell me they had Nm ones and when they sent me pics they had rounded corners so that is not a Nm card. The only recent card I would trade it for is a 2011 Bowman Draft Mike Trout $150.

1968 Topps Johnny Bench BV $250
1969 Topps Reggie Jackson BV $300
1973 Topps Mike Schmidt BV $200
1975 Topps George Brett BV $100

would trade 1-1 for the Bench, Reggie or Schmidt would want other cards in the deal for the Brett.

It is currently listed on ebay here is a link so you can see a picture of it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/202975231377

I am also looking for other 70's RC of HOF'ers plus 60's HOF RC like Niekro, Perry

70's that I need are

1971 Topps Ted Simmons
1973 Topps Rich Goosage
1975 Topps Gary Carter
1977 Topps Andre Dawson