2009 Bench Buddy of the Year Voting LIVE NOW!

Who should be the 2009 Bench Buddy of the Year?

  • chieftazmisty

    Votes: 42 46.2%
  • greatdadX2

    Votes: 7 7.7%
  • hdjstuff

    Votes: 13 14.3%
  • 19kgreen64

    Votes: 2 2.2%
  • pltcards

    Votes: 6 6.6%
  • Loyalty32

    Votes: 13 14.3%
  • worldwideed

    Votes: 8 8.8%

  • Total voters
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Sep 23, 2006
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The time has arrived!! It's time to vote for the 2009 Bench Buddy of the Year. Below you will find the list of nominees along with the individual(s) who nominated them as well as a small blurb from the nominator about why they feel the nominee should be voted Bench Buddy of the Year. Please vote; I will allow voting until Friday December 11th at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Nominee: cheiftazmisty
Nominated by: Jeb67, MattinglysCards, Jack

I want to nominate Chieftazmisty for Bench Buddy Of The Year. Of course, he is a wonderful trader, but more than that he is a very generous and kind person with a great sense of humor.He always lets me know when he comes across something I may like, so he is also very considerate .It is hard to put it all in one short email, but not only is he deserving as a trader but a great person as well. Though there are many deserving people here. Thanks.Jeff.

I know I am fairly new here and definitely not a very established member, but I would like to make a nomination for Bench Buddy of 2009: Chieftazmisty.
I barely know Tom. I have only completed one trade with him, but it is my most memorable. If you would like more details, I would be happy to tell the story. However, I spend alot of time surfing the boards and I don't think I've seen any more kind things done by (or spoken about) any other member.
Tom is always chiming in on trade threads that he has that last card someone is looking for and it's on its way. The football challenges he has with other members make the rest of us just want to tune in to see what's going on. Not to mention the golf thing.
Tom examplifies what makes the Bench a community of traders. I hope everyone nominates him, but someone should.

Thank you and all the moderators for all you do to run this site,

Tom ran the FIRST Golf Tournament and it went off without a hitch. He provided all prizes out of his own pocket and saw to it everyone got a prize. He put in a lot of time and effort to make it a success.

Nominee: greatdadX2
Nominated by: mm1sub

I would like to nominate greatdadx2 as bench buddy of the year. He is a person who always is willing to go above and beyond to get a trade done. Most of his threads always say to just post up whatever you think is fair. he is also willing to trade in some else's favor to help them out. You can see by his threads that he is always willing to send people free cards to help them out.

I think he is a valuable asset to our great site and think he would be well deserving of the title "Bench Buddy of the Year".

Nominee: hdjstuff
Nominated by: baseball24

I'd like to nominate hdjstuff aka Duane. Duane is not only an outstanding trader, the main reason I am nominating him is because of his generosity. Numerous times he has sent me cards that I need for set needs or player needs from his Topps Box Break Reviews that he does. He has also done this for numerous other members many times. He is truly a generous member, and I feel he deserves the Buddy of the Year award.

Nominee: 19kgreen64
Nominated by: VintageHeros

I'm new to The Bench but I would nominate Kevin aka 19kgreen64...I've known him for a year from SCF but he's the one who introduced me to The Bench and thats the kind of thing buddy's do!

Nominee: Loyalty32
Nominated by: chieftazmisty

I would like to submit the following for Bench Buddy of The Year.
My Choice for Bench Buddy Is Loyalty32. Craig is one great Bench Member besides being a friend. He usually goes out of his way to do different things and spring surprises on different members. Craig also pulls some pranks with a couple of othere members which were really great in getting some laughs. I just think he is deserving of the award. Thank you for your time
aka Chieftazmisty

Nominee: pltcards
Nominated by: stephj24

I would like to take this opportunity to nominate pltcards, Pat Thompson, for Bench Buddy of the Year. Pat is one of the 'old timers' around the Bench, and is always willing to help a newcomer around the site. His knowledge of sports and his passion for his Steelers are unsurpassed. Pat was also my mentor when I was first brought aboard the mod team, helping me to learn the ropes and continuously checking on me to make sure I was settling into the new role well. Pat's friendliness, wit, and generosity are what makes our little corner of the WWW a better place.

Nominee: worldwideed
Nominated by: RHauch

I would like to nominate Worldwideed as Bench Buddy of the Year.
About four months ago I put out a request for someone to help me with my Indians autograph collection by creating a custom card for me that I could send out to Indians players who didn't have a card produced of them in an Indians uniform.
Later that same day, Ed had created a very attractive card. He told me if I send him 10 players every week he would continue to make the cards for me and he has. He has created somewhere around 100 cards for me (I lost count).
He did not ask for anything in return for them. The only thing he asked is that I would send an extra card to the player and if I got an extra back that I would pass it on to him. That is the least I could do for all of his time and effort he has done.
That is why I would like to nominate Worldwideed for Bench Buddy of the Year.

David K was also nominated for the contest but has graciously asked that his name not be included in the voting. At this time, I'd like to at the very least recognize David K's generosity to the site, personally donating over 1500 cards to the Yankee Stadium Legacy Drive. Kudos to David!!


Steph and Kenny
2009 Bench Buddy of the Year
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Wow, I'm in complete shock. Thanks for the nomination, it's an honor to be up where on that list with the all those other great benchers.
Thank You

Howdy Bench Members
I wish to thank Jeb67, Mattinglyscards, and Jack for nominating for Benchie of the year. I also wish to congradulate all my fellow nominees. Thanks to all of the mods and Pete and Mark for making this the greatest site on the internet to trade and talk Cards and sports plus make great friends
aka chieftazmisty
Howdy Bench Members
I wish to thank Jeb67, Mattinglyscards, and Jack for nominating for Benchie of the year. I also wish to congradulate all my fellow nominees. Thanks to all of the mods and Pete and Mark for making this the greatest site on the internet to trade and talk Cards and sports plus make great friends
aka chieftazmisty

Brown nosing is not allowed.:D
everyone listed (and many not listed) are deserving of this award - congrats to all of you as you ALL make this site the great site that it is!!!!! - erik
My vote has been cast! congrats to all who were nominated this year. Every one of you is worthy of the distinction "Bench Buddy of the year"!
Lets keep getting those votes in. Only a couple more days until the voting is closed.

Voting ends tonight folks, let's get those votes in!!!

heard your great david and would have voted for you but i still voted for someone...

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