2009 Topps Update Ring of Honor autographs

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Jun 11, 2005
Washington State - The Pacific NW
Does anyone know much about these? One popped up that I want, but it was labeled SP and it seems to be getting more action than I expected. It is the first of it's kind to surface, which may help explain the rising price.

I don't want to go all out on this and find out dozens more will show up and the price will be 1/10th of what I paid, but I also don't want to miss out on something that could be tough to find after this one either.
If they're anything like the football ring of honor autos, I would grab anything you can if you really want it. Some of the earlier release and tough players sell well over book. Flagship Topps always has held a premium on the tough autographs that are actually hard to pull, no matter what sport is considered.
We are talking Garvey here, nor Pujols or Arod, but set & auto collectors can be a nasty bunch to compete with!

If he is a short-print, or even mentioned as a possible short print, you may not see that many around, or if so, at prices you'd like to see.

I had a 2003 Sweet Spot Classics Stargell GU I needed for my set that ended up being an SP. I spent 7 months searching and found 1. It 'booked' $15. I had to go to work, so set a max bid of 200. It sold for 205.

Needless to say, a year later I traded for one. Only other one I've ever seen.

My theory on new stuff is, if you want it, get it while you can. At least as far as the mainstream, highly-sought-after sets go.

Luckily, I haven't done a lot of anything with recent releases and have taken some serious dives into the 90's in my Rice collection. Stuff I never would have touched 10 years ago, I'm snagging for pretty good deals.
Yes, we'll see what happens here. I snagged a Playoff auto #'d/2 a few weeks back and that was pricey ($55ish), but nothing like the "old days" (2005-06) of top $ for these low print run cards of recent years. That card probably would have closed in on $200-300 then!
I just bought a Jayson Werth off of sportlots, supposedly they are sp'd to 10 or less..
Last year I collected the whole 1986 Mets Ring of Honor Auto set from 2008 Topps Update. I pulled the Gary Carter auto but had to buy the rest. They were pretty tough to find and bids on ebay often went over BV.

I remember when they first came out and hit the Beckett OPG, I looked them up and they were listed as limited to 25 (but not #'d). The designation was removed within a couple of days and I haven't seen any other information on them since.

Here is hoping these really are tough!!!

$48 and change, plus s/h!!

I think you will find that you got a steal. An Autograph of a retired player in a "standard" Topps set, which is rare in itself. Most definitely a short-printed set - let alone finding your individual player. And finally, although it is a flagship Topps set, it is a set that will not have many busted boxes in the near future. No bigtime true RC's, parallels, and no extreme chase cards in the set to chase, so nobody will be opening these boxes. THat will keep the Garveys (and others) of of auctions and out of collections. CONGRATULATIONS!:)

Cory: I use your story all the time when talking about BV and shortprinted HOF GU cards from popular releases. Throw BV out the window, it does not matter. I remember your chase. I also remember how happy you were when it ended!

No auto or relic card in my Topps updated box (going to mail in the wrappers/box/receipt to topps)...Double checked my Ring of Honor Babe Ruth and no auto on it;)
No auto or relic card in my Topps updated box (going to mail in the wrappers/box/receipt to topps)...Double checked my Ring of Honor Babe Ruth and no auto on it;)

Ohh that's not right.. They should've had that card hand signed! lol