2010 A&G Oddball Quest begins!

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Apr 19, 2008
Abingdon VA
I try to do these every year because they are just fun to try to do...to find and locate some of these people is a real challenge...I sent out about 30 so far in the last week or so and this one is the first one back...I had contacted him ahead of time to ask if it was ok to send and get an address...found him on Facebook...nice guy and he even sent a few stickers and a post card of his website www.hansflorine.com


I will probably just do one thread on these this year instead of making a new one every time I get one back.

If any of you guys are working on the A&G set, let me know...going to try to figure out which ball players sign next and send a few of those out for my kids collection....maybe we can help each other out.

I have sent to Nick Jacoby, Anthony Gatto, Ken Blackburn & Alan Francis from the set so far. I haven't got any back, but they are all good signers from what SCN has posted.
crazy thing is not knowing until I saw his picture the last time I went out west with my family I remember seeing him climb Devil's Tower i want to say
One of the things I like about the oddball stuff is trying to find someone to send the cards to on certain things....when i pulled the Area 51 card I knew right off who I would send it to if I could find him...well, I found him...lol...Bob Lazar.

If you don't know who Bob Lazar is you probably have never listened to talk radio at night over the past 15 years, because he is one of the more popular guests of Art Bell (back in the day) and the Coast to Coast AM gang...if you want to read about him here is the Wiki...no matter what you believe, Bob is a very interesting story.