2010 Topps Million Card Giveaway

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From what I understand, (disclaimer: I may be wrong) it will be more like eTopps. You redemm your code for an actual card and you can trade them online with others or you can have them shipped to you. They are supposed to have at least one card from every Base Topps set
Dadofandrew was right. And they do seem to be selling a little too well. I wonder how many people are thinking that they're getting the card pictured? That would likely be a dissapointing purchase
You also have to pay shipping if you want the card sent to you.. who knows how much that will be.
I was thinking .... that you would enter the code and might have a chance to win the card pictured on the front.....Ouch! Best regards, David

Supposedly you do. Like dadofandrew said, one card from every Topps set. I would assume they're selling well because everyone is chasing the '52 Mantle they're giving away.
if it's a million card giveaway...you have a one in a million shot of getting what you want with each code...lol....pretty simple odds.