Review 2010 Topps NFL Trading Cards

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
2010 Topps NFL Trading Cards

36 packs per box - 10 cards per pack
'1 Autograph or Relic Card in Every Box!'
On the Pack -- 'A Rookie Card in Every Pack'

I received the following:

263 unique base cards PLUS 6 duplications :eek:


This issue of Topps NFL is printed on bright white stock with a gloss finish on both front and back. The photography this year seems to 'pop' more than usual. The name of the player is outlined in silver foil and the reverse contains the complete pro stats of the player.


NFL Attax - 36
Million Card Giveaway - 5


36 Attax cards seems to be excessive - maybe 12 per box would be much better.

Ring of Honor - 1
75th Draft - 7


The 75th Draft cards are designed perfectly to be die cut... maybe next year?

Grid Iron Lineage - 9
Peak Performance - 9


Gold and Black parallels

8 gold #ed to 2010
1 Black #ed to 55


Rookie Reprints - 4
College to Pro - 12


The College to Pro insert is my favorite of the bunch. I like the artist rendering of each of the players.



Jonathan Dwyer


As is the norm for Topps, they have produced a quality product for the masses. The younger collector will receive a good number of base cards to begin their set and the experienced collector will receive a great start on the master set The gold and black parallel collectors will probably be reduced to chasing their inserts on the 'bay and other sites. One should be able to make the base set with 2 boxes - maybe 3. Surely with 3, one would have more than enough cards for trading to complete the set.

The rookies in this issue are plentiful. The packs say that there is one rookie per pack.... I received about 60 rookies in my box - no Tebow, but hey, not bad at all.

The auto is a sticker (blue Sharpee) on a card designed for a sticker, but the place on the card could have easily been auto'ed on the card in the same place.

Overall grade A - too many Attax cards.

Go buy several boxes and send the Tim Tebow cards to me (IF they exist;) !

Hi Duane

I pulled a Tim Tebow peak performance relic card (ppr-tt ). Interested? I'd be looking for topps football base needs and topps heritage baseball sp needs in return.


The A version is the regular version and the B version is the SP version. 132B is Hardesty Leaping and the 194B is Colt McCoy with no helmet.

LMK if you need anything for these.

Duane, did you happen to pull any of the Panthers from the Golds?
& any Jimmy Clausen at all?

Thanks for the review!