2010 Topps Pie in the Face Variations

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Teixeira is selling anywhere from $80-$140. One card I won't own, that's for sure!

I was able to collect ALL of the SP VARIATION cards from last year for series 1,2 & updates. It was very expensive and stressful at times. Any I pull this year are going on eBay.
Still working on last years and have NO interest in doing it again this year. Busted my jumbo box last night and pulled the Yount. Once I figure out all that I have it will be available.


Has anyone pulled one of these yet? And if so, was it from hobby or retail? Personally I hate the idea, it's just another example of Topps being in love with the Yankees. Other teams have been doing the pie in the face for years, but I don't see any cards for them. Anyway, I was curious as to whether these are as rare as the prices on ebay are commanding so far. One ARod sold for $199.
Sell it, David! And, use the $$ to buy something of value. I'd bet these BVs drop like a brick.

I would sell it fast too. Just like the Jeter/Bush/Mantle, these would most likely go down before the year is over.